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i want to thank all on this forum


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the last few days have been pure hell, everywhere i looked had man utd celebrating and our heroes looking downcast. the only place of refuge was here, with the members of this forum bringing me out of my bad mood. i dread to think how i would have coped without the oasis of this forum. especially the 3 word game thing, loving that. so cheers to all the people running this forum, and all the people contributing..... bring on next season and the quadruple (i can dream cant i?) 429.gif

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Okay I dont want to get to sentimental here. I have had a few beers to be honest well a lot started straight after work, making up for a dry Moscow.

The thing about this forum is that .. it is the best.. it is not even the best Chelsea froum it is the best on the web... I am not sure why.

I think you have to thank Loz, Mod et al.. but also PR.. these forums where the best by far in the old days.. the first and the best.. there is some history here icon_wink.gif

They are just run sensibly and those who who are basically not worthy are found out.

the other thing is we are all blue through and through.. we used to have a bit of .. I am the bigger fan than you but it is not like that anymore.

I have to say I have made some fantastic friends on here.. and met quite a few, I dont want to put in names but they know who they are.......

I was so proud taking that banner to the CL final.. I know how lucky I was to be going.. my heart goes out to those who couldnt come for whatever reason.. but in particular to glory... cant get over that !!!! ..(Sorry mate I know you dont want to heatr it)

What ever happened I am filled with pride for Chelsea and all the fans on this site.. and the players. What ever has been said about us.. we are chuffed that we even got to the final .. non of us would have beleived it even 10 years ago let alone those of us who were around in the 70's and 80's....

Proper dignity, real fans... real passion that is us

Okay I need to go and throw up


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well said andy. my sentiments exactly. some of us who have been fans for 20 years+ could never have dreamt our team would be in this position. we all hoped it would happen, but never truly believed we would be vying for european titles and league titles year after year. weve come far, and will only go further.

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well said andy. my sentiments exactly.

Please, do you really think that is enough groveling from you. Down on your hands and knees and worship the great God Shed End and I may begin to consider forgiving you.

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