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Chelsea players' performance in Euro 2008


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Just trying to create a long thread to follow chelsea players in Euro 2008.

Since many of us prefer to talk about players that we want to recruit from Euro 2008, rather than appreciating Chelsea players performance in this tourney.

Swiss vs Czech.

I think Cech made several important saves in this match. Without him, I think Czech would be easily trailing goals behind.

Turkey vs Portugal.

Solid defence by chelsea defenders. Not a test for Portugal though, they win the match quite easily,

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I thought Cech looked fairly shaky. He made a couple of good saves, but I don't think the had a particularly good game.

Ferreira played well, and Boswinga and Riccy both played very well! Maybe this guy is worth £16m after all, I'm very encouraged.

I noticed during the Portugal game, that it's much easier to appreciate Ronaldo when he isn't playing for Manchester United!

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only caught the last 20 mins of the german game

i thought ballack looked his usual composed self

I thought he did well without being spectacular. He had one great chance to score, but Boruc did well to tip it over the bar.

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Anelka was one of the better players in team France and was lot better than Gomis(the new Drogs) he was substituted for. Ribery was best IMO.

Malouda was lively and showed some fancy moves, Kalou would have been better as in Chelsea this season.

Maka looks a bit slow but is still solid. France could have tried Flamini for more attack.

Mutu was really lone up there but did okay with the ball. Positive side in Mutu is that his weekly allowance comes to Chelsea now.

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Boula was really good. He had one of the better days.

VanDerVaart was okay. vanBronckhorst was immense as was Sneijder and Kuyt. I don't think we are going to see too much of Huntelaar in these games. It is hard to beat VanNistelrooy who seems to be in great form.

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that must hvae been boula`s brother, no way was that our boula. van der vart looked good, and made one incredible pass to van nistelrooy that made me think id love to see him at the bridge. hard working, skilfull and a lovely passing game. sign him up.

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