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  1. Like +1 here. Some of his decisions (or lack of ) are questionable. A simple strategic name change to AFC Chelsea, will push us above Arsenal in the Premiership table now.
  2. http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/france-coach-deschamps-kante-key-to-silencing-messi-4238112 Kante is the key
  3. I can't believe nobody mentioned Kante yet. He literally put Messi in his pocket.
  4. A few questions that I would like to know from Conte: A few games ago, when he kept playing Bakayoko, did he purposely want to make a point to the club, that the summer signings are not his preferable choice ? When Morata is not suited for a particular match, is it more logical to employ Hazard as "false 9" than using Giroud ? Hazard as "false 9" has a limitation in his performance. Willian and Fabregras are not young anymore, but the creativity of them are vital, since he is employing Hazard as "false 9". What is the purpose of buying Barkley and Drinkwater, if you don't want to start employing them regularly ?
  5. I feel that I want to bang my head to the wall. The sentence almost feels like coming from arsenal mania forum. It may be a fair discussion to compare Morata and Lukaku, where we can talk about Morata's positional awareness, Morata's holding ball ability at front, Lukaku's strength and Lukaku's run. The only thing Giroud is better than both of them is his first touch skill.
  6. Is he a defender with a complete striker ability?
  7. Hazard is under contract until 2020. According to the rule, players can only have a direct contact to other clubs if they only have less than one year contract remaining. Otherwise, the interested club need to seek a permission from the current club of the player.
  8. Most likely, Inter Milan will ask Chelsea to share a burden over Torres' salary. The days when Italian clubs afford high-salary-football-players have long gone.
  9. It may be true that Chelsea may not able to fill a 60,000 seat stadium with London Chelsea Suppporter, however They will certainly be able to fill-in with world-wide Chelsea supporters. Especially, Chelsea has become a major EPL powerhouse brand since Abramovich bought the club. There are many overseas supporters who has a difficulty to get a ticket to match, even if they are willing to pay 100$ per seat easily for any matches. I haven't talked about the booming of Chelsea supporters in far-east yet (china, hongkong, etc). It will be a huge money income to the club. Even, it can't meet the capacity, it will lead to the ticket price reduction which means a win-win situation for Chelsea fans. In short summary, filling capacity is not a big problem, finding the location is.
  10. I think there are people too sensitive in this thread about the issue. Rather than looking that yesterday was the one the first game of the season, we can also use it as review check-point at the beginning of the season. Torres has not just played for one game, has he? His game on Sunday was not bad, but not excellent either. The point is that you could not afford to have this kind striker to guarantee to win the league. I can hardly see a striker who assists a lot but scored few goals is realistic in this environment.
  11. Watching Torres today (Chelsea vs Hull Citty, 18 Aug), kind like a watching football star who has faded from his glory. Many of interesting passes from the midfield or ball-winning struggle, stops at Torres after his ambitious passes to other players. He also prefers to wait at the edge of the penalty box, rather than becoming the target man. While it is certainly possible to help Torres to improve his performance, It is more sensible and effective to give the role of striker to other players.
  12. http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php

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