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Holland vs. France


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Looking forward to this one, and although the French team has 3 Chelsea players in it, I'll be rooting for the Dutch, loved how they bought the Italians down, more of the same tonight happy0034.gif Thoughts?

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I hope work isn't busy so I can watch this icon_lol.gif

I think the Dutch will win, France were very poor in their opening game and they need to improve dramatically if they're going to get out of the group.

2-1 Holland methinks.

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What would be even more impressive - if they lost to Romania and the Italians and French drew icon_lol.gif

The Dutch are through to the knockout phase, VB may decide to rest some Dutch players, so your theory may be possible.

If Romania beat Holland then it wont matter what the score is between Italy and France, as they'll both be out.

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woohoo.gif Weeeeeeee gaan naar Wenen toe! We gaan naar Wenen toe!!

Sorry, couldn't resist repeating what was sung, very very prematurely, by the Dutch supporters in the stands: We're going to Vienna!

I can't believe how the Dutch team are performing. The sceptic in me is waiting for the ground to fall from beneath our feet. Hopefully I can watch the quarter final match (and maybe even the semi) in France during my ill-planned holiday...

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Great game to watch. Also great to see the expressions on Henry & Gallas faces when Robben scored the third!!! How gutted were they? icon_lol.gif

Robben looked fresh and very lively. Although noticed he was limping at the end icon_rolleyes.gif

Still a limping Robben is still a better bet than a fully fit Malouda. What a complete waste of space that bloke is. Hate the fact he plays for us.

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::woohoo:: Weeeeeeee gaan naar Wenen toe! We gaan naar Wenen toe!!


Didn't realise that Dutch was so close to Geordie.

icon_lol.gif From personal experience I can tell you that they aren't alike in the slightest. The one time I visited Newcastle, I couldn't understand a word people were saying. In the end I just nodded vaguely and smiled.

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