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How Pathetic Is This?

jack h

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I left a comment about how most of them are unfunny and look like total sh*t, but I doubt it will get published

I hope the players see this stuff. This is the kind of fuel they can use to get us to Rome next year

You doubt it? You've got as much chance of getting any comment printed on that website as I have of replacing DD as our No 9. I've placed countless comments on that site and none has ever made it past the censor. One was a correction of a blatant inaccuarcy, complete with links proving their article to be false, but the inaccuracy was never corrected. It's now in the hands of the Press Complaints Commission.

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Lighten up, are you mental?

We lost the final, JT slipped on wet grass and missed a vital penalty, the closest we've came to lifting that cup ever, all that after losing the title to the same team again, and now we have to laugh along with the Daily Mail?

Jeez, and I got told off in the other thread for posting a picture of Tevez with the cup saying how much of a looker he is!

You wait till Barn see's this thread :lol:

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Haha, I know it sounds like heresy, but looking at this made me feel MUCH better about this daily mail tripe:


lol, they really have it out for JT on this website, but it just confirmed why I like Man U much more than any of our rivals: they're c*nts, but at least theyre respectful c*nts, to us anyway. They laughed the assholes who thought it was funny off the page

Plus, the verbal hiding they give scousers and spuddies on a basis daily is magic :shhh::seehearsay:

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Sorry, bill, it may be run of the mill as far as web abuse goes, but have you ever really seen a supposedly legitimate source of journalism put out coverage about them? For me, thats the difference.

Oh Qaz... ;)

As I said I’m all for slagging off The Mail, which is just a pile of manure but I’m not bothered about the pictures. Anyway, The Guardian on line runs a section called The Gallery, which is dedicated to photoshopped pictures of people in football.


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