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  1. The night we came of age?
  2. Killbill

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    ‘The manager has given me the confidence to play this position since the beginning of the season. I am trying to do my best and I will get better at it, and I hope to have success in it this year.’ That' s the end of that debate.
  3. Killbill

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Dennis Wise seems to like him: Chelsea great Dennis Wise has branded his former club’s summer signing Jorginho an “absolutely outstanding” player... “I like the boy [Sarri] has brought in, Jorginho, I think he has been absolutely outstanding,” Wise told Goal. “I have watched him and how he covered holes, how he pressed and he dictates to his team-mates as he wants them to do certain things. “I think by bringing in Jorginho, you bring in someone who knows Sarri very well and how he plays and what he wants to do. “When you have someone right in the middle of that midfield who understands how the manager plays and dictates that to everyone, I think it is really helpful and he has so much quality as well. “I think he has given the ball away once over the whole pre-season. I am actually looking forward to seeing him progress over the course of this season.”
  4. Killbill

    Eden Hazard

    If Lampard learned from a translator and Gerrard learned from a waiter, I am sure Hazard can learn from a banker
  5. Killbill


    I can see fans are thrilled by this news.
  6. Killbill

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    He did say midfielders (centrocampisti) but the translator translated it with centre backs.
  7. Killbill

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    “Call me Maurizio”. That’s pure class. We want Sarri for our leader Sarri is a man of class We want Sarri for our leader All stand and raise your champagne glass. Gentlemen, assassins and ladies of the night …
  8. Killbill

    Eden Hazard

    Sarri's first job at Napoli was to convince Higuain to stay, which he managed to do. And Higuain was rewarded with breaking the Serie A scoring record that stood for over 50 years by netting 36 goals. Maybe he’ll manage to convince Hazard as well.
  9. Killbill

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Blue is the Colour, Sarriball is the Game
  10. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Ooh! Sorry, I've just come.
  11. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    That doesn't seem much of a threat, Sarri earns a handful of peanuts a year. Sue Napoli for the loss of a three year contract with Chelsea worth 18mil, that would be different.
  12. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    According to the Napoli lawyer: for Jorginho “It’s practically all done”, for Sarri “Sarri could sign either today or tomorrow, it’s happening”. “No other Napoli Player will leave for Chelsea”. I presume by signing he means sign the termination agreement with Napoli.
  13. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    From a transcript of today’s press conference (I couldn’t find the video clip for this one) "Although we consider him an excellent player for Ancelotti’s style of play, and despite the relatively credible offer from the Chinese for Hamsik, it was decided to accept Man City’s offer and I will have to apologize to them. The deal was concluded 15 days ago after resolving various issues, but if the player prefers London to Manchester I can understand it, also if Chelsea pays him more I can understand that even more and there is nothing I can do about it. Jorginho to Chelsea is not dependent on Sarri’s deal".
  14. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I presume that's just a typo
  15. Killbill

    Next Chelsea Manager

    ADL: "I have proposed some conditions now let’s see what happens in the next few hours. My lawyers have prepared some text that has been submitted to his lawyers, let’s see. Let’s wait and see. I always say let’s wait and see.