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Xbox360 Gamertags?


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i've been want ing to ask this for a while aswell. I usually play halo, pes, or topspin 3. pm me yours and i'll add you (my gamertag isn't mine i share so it's not about chelsea)

I'm really in to GTAIV at the moment and when Gears Of War 2 comes out later this year I'll no doubt get back in to that. Will PM you my tag :lol:

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D 4 R R 3 N x

is mines :D


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (In a clan)

Fifa 08' (In a clan)

Top Spin



in a clan eh, wont be playing you then. mainly cos i suck....

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Can you use chipped 360's on live?

Don't know whether you still care or not, I do realise that post is like almost a year old but, my friend who lives in my building is running his xbox on xbox live and hes had no problems with live, his is chipped and hes got i'd say at least 100 games.. He hasn't been caught yet, maybe he's just lucky but if they catch you they can brick your console, so its totally useless. So i'm led to believe :wub:

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