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Lucas Leiva latest Liverpool footballer to be robbed


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According to Liverpool fans though - "It's no worse in Liverpool than in London."

Guess that'd explain why Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham, West Ham etc players always have their houses broken into. ¬_¬

Poor guy though, no one deserves that, they took his Olympic medal too :/

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It shouldn't be up to the club to do anything about this. The players easily earn enough to pay for the best security available, but they'd rather spend it on flash motors and gold-digging tarts. If I were them I'd have attack dogs patrolling the house and gardens, and install electic fences, the kind that would turn a would-be trespasser into a crisp.

Has anyone voiced the theory that the Liverpool players might actually be nicking each other's stuff - after all, they are in scouseland, maybe they're just trying to fit into the local culture?

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someone at Anfield realy needs to look into this, thats how many times now?

They're looking for it! Actually this is the REAL explanation for their rotation system - it keeps the burglars guessing who will be travelling abroad and who will stay at him to watch his home!

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he's not the latest anymore..

just got this from bbc

The luxury property of Liverpool footballer Jermaine Pennant has been targeted in an incident of criminal damage, said detectives.

The gates to the midfielder's home on Hale Road, Hale Village, near Widnes, Cheshire, were damaged at 0140 GMT.

Robbery news: Jermaine Pennant becomes latest break-in victim

December 2nd, 2008

The Spoiler

The Liverpool FC crime spree continues

Just a few weeks after young Brazilian Lucas Leiva had his home ransacked, Jermaine Pennant became the ninth Liverpool player to suffer at the hands of thieves in the past two years.

Ram-raiders, apparently hell-bent on relieving the winger of some of his flash cars, smashed a stolen Land Rover into the gates of his £3m Cheshire mansion in the middle of the night.

The thieves got away without a single purloined automobile, but the incident clearly shocked Pennant so much that he ended up posing for photos still wearing his jammies.

Pennant’s Page Three girl fiancée Amii Grove (who once caught him at it with another lady on CCTV cameras in their home) has commended his desire to protect his easily replaceable material possessions:

“Jermaine jumped out of bed and ran down the landing.â€He has no fear. He saw headlights through the gates, then shouted: “Call the police!â€

“Luckily, by the time he got there these people had raced off. Jermaine was really brave, but that’s the way he is.â€

Amazingly, this wasn’t the only Premier League robbery of the evening. Just down the road, Roque Santa Cruz’s wife was also robbed at knifepoint.

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