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  1. Bayern did not want to spend the money on them before that summer either. Werner does not fit the system - and Havertz would only be good on a position Müller is on - and was even last season far away from his performances. And now there is a Musiala with a high workrate who might grow into it in the next 3 years until Müller probably will leave who is able to shine in other positions, too. Some always just see "talent" as the main "ingredient" - put actually it is adaptiblity, work rate, personality and mentality that are probably as important for the rise of a player. Not just the German med
  2. There is no nice two week break in Germany this year. The last matches were December 23rd and Bundesliga starts again January 2nd. So for the most teams the only holiday was the Xmas days and this weekend. 5 days. Today the most teams should be in team training again. About his position... In my eyes he is no real centre forward and at Leipzig he usually had a partner in front in person of Poulsen or last year Schick, too. Even for Germany it is usually Gnabry that plays centrally. His main strength is his speed and hanging around the offside line waiting on balls behind it.
  3. The only one with extra muscles in the recent months is Goretzka. And it is not just a development of the Corona break but started far earlier. The photo of Davies, that is circulating, is already from his medical 2 years ago. Lewy is like this already since some years. And Thiago started to work extra on his fitness in 2016 having an additional personal trainer. That does not mean that they aren't fit - they worked very hard on their fitness level during the Corona break - but the overall fitness and endurance, too - not just bulking up. Goretzka bulked up as he always was a
  4. He is playing with Leverkusen right now against Glasgow Rangers.
  5. Because of the Pavard injury Kimmich will probably play right fullback again. The Bayern team will probably play the team that started the friendly against Marseille last Friday with Coman starting instead of Perisic. Neuer Kimmich - Boateng - Alaba - Davies Thiago - Goretzka Gnabry - Müller - Coman Lewandowski Kimmich and Thiago will miss the QFs when the get the next yellow card. UEFA announced today that in difference to usually when that happens before the semi finals after this round the yellow card count is set to zero.
  6. It is officially announced now that the match will be held without fans. For those who wanted to attend - tickets will be refunded.
  7. Yes, it usually seems to be only really dangerous to older people and people with existing conditions. Problem is that it is a new virus and when it extends without slowing down it might lead to undercapacities of hospitals, medicine etc. So the activism right now is more about slowing down the spreading of the virus to get into the warmer months and getting time. Germany right now just has two deaths. It is not official now but the state Bavaria will prohibit that any festivities and event with more then 1000 people will take place until Good Friday. With the international break t
  8. Just as it might be of interest here. In Germany there is the idea of playing matches without fans because of the Corona virus. Just two weeks until the international break to slow down the spreading of the virus. First is probably North Rhine Westphalia where the match between Cologne and Gladbach at Wednesday probably will be the first and next weekend might be all matches. It might not be official now but the probability is very high. That would mean the same for next weeks CL match between our two teams.
  9. Bayern first 45 minutes away in Hoffenheim with 18 year old Zirkzee instead of Lewandowski... 4:0
  10. You actually had some good attacks. I do not mean the two Kimmich and Neuer invited you to - but the positioning in the box was not good. Of the Bayern players I liked Thiago, Lewy, Gnabry, Müller and that gem Davies most. Our starting eleven was pretty cheap compared to a lot of the international competitors. And all but Pavard, Davies and Gnabry are in Munich since Pep.
  11. But we do not raid the Bundesliga that much. And it is just understandable that a lot of the best players of the Bundesliga want to go to the best club in Germany. I understand that you did not like the result. Understandable. But you have a young team with a good future!
  12. Müller and Alaba are homegrown. Boateng came from City, Thiago from Barcelona, Gnabry had no future anymore at Arsenal - same with Coman at Juve. Kimmich came from 2nd league. Pavard went down 2nd league with Stuttgart. Davies came from the MLS. Lewy was not bought....
  13. Not at all a surprise. Had one or two great matches against the bottom of the league but was bad against the others.
  14. It is Kimmich's position in the German team, too. And Alaba is so fantastic as CB that most question if Hernandez has chances against him. Müller is not having a good season? He had 7 goals and 11 assists in his last 16 matches or 1181 minutes, that is a goal/assist in less than 70 minutes... https://statsbomb.com/2020/02/who-are-the-stealth-mvps-of-the-bundesligas-best-teams/ But you are right with Coutinho - only played fine against the last in the Bundesliga table and right now is no starter!
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