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  1. 0 Shots on target vs Man City 1 Shot on target vs Juve = Progress We should be good by the end of the season.
  2. This is easily the worst Juve side I've ever seen. Surely we can do better than this??
  3. Someone fire up the half time cattle prod for Ziyech please. He does nothing.
  4. Just got around to watching it. That was pretty rough. Zero shots on target and we looked like we didn't want the ball. Starting to look like there's a lack of trust in the final third. I don't think we're that bad that the team need to suffer to that extent. Really didn't enjoy us doing that we should be more positive.
  5. I'd love to see Timo and Rom upfront today. Give em hell.
  6. The old prophecy comes true... Young boys, YOUNG BOYS... Never loooooose ittt.
  7. Needs more Timo!! Agree, Would've been nice to see Chilwell get a start too.
  8. Quite impressive winning like this considering three players didn't turn up for most of match.
  9. Fantastic bit of teamwork. 12 vs 10 is never easy.
  10. This was on the cards as soon as the match ref was announced. He always screws us over.
  11. The only club stupid enough to pay those wages in the Prem is Man Utd. If he thinks Fred, McTominay and Rashford is an upgrade then good luck to him!
  12. Since Man City won't be getting Kane this window, Can I make a personal recommendation for them?
  13. I'm surprised people are rembering Pato but not Crespo.
  14. Pretty sad to see that, Some people have no class/dignity at all. Should have kicked him out of the stadium.
  15. Yeah but they love their double standards. Our players are bought with 'oil money' and theirs are clearly bought with the sales of Cabbages from those fine upstanding Mancunian allotments.
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