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  1. There's way too much pressure on him to come back here and suceed. He seems pretty comfortable over there and doesn't fancy it so that's good for us and him for it to not happen. Go all in on Haaland, He's hungry.
  2. You don't get a free starting spot because you're the best player in the national team. He is respected at the club but this is the reality of playing for a club that challenges for honours. You need to take your opportunity and perform when given the chance, If you don't do that and have no desire to improve then you end up at Tottenham or Bolton being a big fish in a small pond swimming in circles.
  3. Holy balls what an amazing performance from everyone out there. The only bad thing is I'm out of beer and my heart is about to explode. Come on you Chels!!!
  4. We're making a big mistake. He'd be perfect for us next season if Silva doesn't continue.
  5. The problem there is the little German wins pens and worries defences, Bamford needs direct service and we're awful at getting the ball into the final third with direct/quick play. I think Kane will go to City, Please throw all the money at Haaland because it looks like me might be the only ones who can afford him.
  6. Thanks Tottenham, egh feels bad. What a terribly disappointing season from us and so many teams, No one takes responsibility in the final third and we look goal shy every game. Please not more of the same next season it's genuinely horrible to watch us dominate the ball but do nothing with it. So many mindset changes needed.
  7. There's more chance of Levy selling us their 'glory glory' branded empty trophy cabinet than Kane. Kane will go to Man City and Danny Ings will go to Spurs as his replacement.
  8. I'd love to see those muppets in the VAR room actually accountable for what they do. All it needs is for someone to ask them to explain why was that first kick on Wener is not a penalty and they'd fall flat on their faces. If they are that inept at their sole job they shouldn't be doing it. VAR should be a group of ex professionals not a bunch of blind men with an agenda to promote Liverpool to a free top four finish.
  9. Ooof this is awful. I feel so bad for Emma. This new shirt is cursed.
  10. We're doing this too often and it's masking the problems we've got in the final third. Arsenal had one shot on target. Scored from it and won. While we go through games passing it sideways..sideways...sideways then backward while having little to no goal threat and very rarely test the oppo's keeper. We've got too many players who are afraid to do something positive on the ball and pass it around with no impetus or pace.
  11. Boris will be playing Two Face in the new Batman film...
  12. Well done Chelsea and Man City. It's going to be interesting how far the other four are going to ride this.
  13. It's interesting that the German and French teams have shunned this Super League. Good for them! What won't be interesting is Bayern winning the Champions League for the next ten years in a row. This is really going to mess up professional football in the worst way, I woudn't be surprised if all of the teams involved are banished from their various leagues. I wonder which broadcaster will be the first one to do the dirty and show it live? Please don't support it and don't give them a subscription.
  14. And how many goals did you score in the Bundesliga last year? 😄
  15. Thinking back, Wasn't Thiago absolutely awful against West Brom away earlier in the season? On a different note I'm a little sad some of the supporters are starting to turn on Timo. I still think he's our best player by quite a distance, His attitude and workrate are top class and looks like the only player who makes things happen in the final third. I think he'll come good.
  16. Pint of Wine for Allardyce. Hopefully a huge rocket up the arse for our players.
  17. West Brom are our bogey team yet again. Damn
  18. They did, But would you expect our eleven to take the onus with an extra player? At the moment I wouldn't.
  19. The last six teams that played them didn't have any problems creating chances, A half assed Man U side with one exceptional player put nine past them and made about 16 goal scoring chances. Why don't we have shots on goal anymore? Zieych looks like he's forgotten what a football is. What on earth happened to these players? We've gone from having great attacking potential to one of the worst teams to watch in the league.
  20. We'd have to hope City go after Lukaku and Real get Mbappe. [Fingers Crossed]
  21. Too many passengers and passive attitudes. In any other Premier league season I think the bad attitudes would be even more apparent. He's got a huge job on his hands...
  22. For anyone worried the players weren't playing for Frank and we'd run away with this 4-0... Still no responsibility shown from a single player, Turns out they're crap/don't care after all. Good luck Thomas!
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