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  1. Some people just can't do rational thinking, that's why media can easily manipulate public opinions. And at this stage it is the same for Kenedy (causing trouble for joking), what is your later statement based on?
  2. yes, my point is the media already sent the wrong message by saying that porra translates as F**k and they won't change that as they want to attract more debate, so you can't blame someone for overreaction if all he knows is you said F**K your country. BTW it was "wake up China you idiot!"
  3. "porra" translates to F**K and if you put that word before a country's name, you will certainly cause trouble, and you won't say they are overreaction as you can't expect everyone to know it's not malice in his native tongue. This statement is an overreaction itself and won't make Chelsea look good, as in China many people have said Chelsea has done enough and should move on. You can't stop some media or editors using this topic to stir more user to react, and you can't stop haters from other clubs overreacting on this topic to keep attacking Chelsea. However, do you really want to add fuel t
  4. WOW, if you made the quoted statement, then please change all the "we" to "I" and remove "Chelsea" as you clearly can't represent all of us.
  5. Please, this can't be true.... He's always a risk at back, and on top of that, I wouldn't want to see him taking almost every direct free kick opportunities, and either struck it into the wall or airing it....
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