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  1. Blue_candy

    Cesc Fabregas

    Am sure barkley was bought just for business purposes, Homegrown and full of potential for 15m. However we clearly need a proper defensive midfielder next to kante...am sure we already had someone though i wonder who sold him to a rival and then gambled on a one season wonder.
  2. Blue_candy

    Pick your 2018/19 squad

    I cba naming a full squad however we need a new RWB (Roberto) , CDM (Savic) , CB (Experienced) and Striker (Needs to be ruthless) - Never been keen on our Cm replacements this season, Bakayoko is a joke, drinkwater is just average and barkley doesnt fit the system. we played much better last season when we had an actual defensive midfielder in CM such as Matic. - Moses looks poor this season. - Rudiger is good but we conceded too many goals as of late and that is down to Rudiger and Christiensen. - Our Strikers are rubbish, I would keep morata as a super sub (the way juventus and real madrid used him) and buy a proper striker that can play technical football such as dybala. Forget signing second hand players, even antonio conte said we need world class players such as Mahrez, Alex sandro, dybala etc.
  3. Hard to say this.... but cahill is one of our better defenders ahead of luiz and rudiger.
  4. If you look at the depth man city have in all areas, defence = mangala, danilo, kompany, if fit, zinchenko midfield = bernardo silva, gundogan, diaz, foden, toure, delph, attack = sanchez, if they get him, bernardo silva, jesus, sane, sterling. when it comes to our defence and midfield we have depth but not to the quality and quantity of man city, thats why when we play in some games over a short period of time, we look tired/scrappy. Not fun football to watch at all.
  5. We played crap, is 32 points good enough to keep us in this league, hopefully we dont get relegated.
  6. Ampadu isnt experienced in the PL, the lineup wont be any different from the last pl games we are beginning to find consistency
  7. Blue_candy

    Deadline Day Drama

    Mbappe done deal to PSG.
  8. Blue_candy

    Poll on the Ox

    I think with the right training he will improve much more, Wenger/Arsenal f**ked up his potential
  9. Moses need to come back into Rwb asap, Azpi attacking wise isnt very good, I think we missed him being in the Cb position today
  10. Feel Willian will sit a bit more deep and play as a CAM while Morata and Pedro will be strikers
  11. Whos gonna play next to kante???
  12. We got any chance of a comeback?
  13. We have spurs and then man city next.
  14. the board need to take their fingers out of there ass and start making signings asap!
  15. i live with a man city fan and a man utd fan.. i feel more sorry for myself.
  16. Play 4 at the back, switch to 2 at the front, go all out now its ONLY f**kING BURNLEY
  17. Bats hold up play is fking sh*t
  18. Fabregas yellow card what the fk
  19. When we go down to 10, we always look sh*t, the whole system will change now come on chelsea just grind this match out!
  20. Blue_candy

    I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Whoever is acting calm is chatting sh**, every other top team has improved while we have weakened, our squad is tiny, Hazard is out for first 3/4 weeks (Without him we have no creativity), Fabregas looks like he has lost it imo hope conte learns Kante - Fabregas pairing never works in the big games.
  21. Blue_candy

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Never wanted him to leave in the first place, His aggression is 10/10, strikers need that nowadays
  22. Blue_candy

    Benjamin Mendy

    They got ripped off, Mendy isnt that good imo, we should add 10/20m and get the complete lwb (Sandro)
  23. Blue_candy

    Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    if we resort to panic buys this season then this season will be finished before it has started, maybe am just being too negative though :P
  24. Blue_candy

    Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    if no signings announced by next week i think everyone will panic including me
  25. Blue_candy

    Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Traore sold for 8.8million, anyone think we should have gotten atleast 15?