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  1. Alonso with some cowardly defending again.
  2. Just read Chelsea under Sarri have never won a game from a loosing position.
  3. I think what annoys is the same issues with formation, crap subs and silly plays in certain positions.
  4. Yes, just behind the halfway line and we passed back not long before they scored.
  5. Loftus really needs to do more, he seems slow which wouldn't be such an issue if he wasn't so easy to knock off the ball for such a big bloke.
  6. I know, I've no idea why he kept Willian on.
  7. We are doing our traditional under Sari of falling apart rapidly.
  8. William has been pretty crap so far, do we also have a rule about passing back on free kicks.
  9. Why does Sari keep writing little notes down, he could use any of his previous ones and they would be exactly the same.
  10. Time for a half time change...even more Sari ball.
  11. I do wonder if footballers ever feel embarrassed when picking up their wages.
  12. Christ this is bad and funny at the same time.
  13. You know every team knows that if you pressure Alonso you'll punish Chelsea.

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