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  1. Time for a half time change...even more Sari ball.
  2. I do wonder if footballers ever feel embarrassed when picking up their wages.
  3. Christ this is bad and funny at the same time.
  4. You know every team knows that if you pressure Alonso you'll punish Chelsea.
  5. Typical gutless modern day defending, being scared of getting hit by a ball.
  6. Chelsea playing utterly crap.
  7. Alonso being a right tart.
  8. We just didn't do enough, we needed to attack more.
  9. Conte really does wait far to long to use substitutions.
  10. I've blamed Conte for some games due to formation etc but I won't blame him for this one.
  11. Well the players will go back on private transportation and still pick up their pay.
  12. This game really says everything about our season.
  13. Well so far it seems our players are already on holiday.