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  1. We spend so much time around opponents box and do nothing at times.
  2. While that second yellow us utterly invalid the first wasn't and that it why you don't get the first. Again we play possession football, but it is utterly pointless unless you score.
  3. I didn't expect to win, but this is just pathetic. They are showing all their weaknesses in defence and attack has gone missing.
  4. Barkley really needs to get it going, he is just so ponderous at times.
  5. As I said earlier it just amplified all this seasons problems.
  6. We've too many players that drop complete clangers each game.
  7. Mason better get better soon, he started the season well but has just been trying too hard and taking bad shots.
  8. All of our problems this season are just being shown even more in the CL.
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