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  1. Yeah, I've been, I went when it first opened. I agree with your discription. I've also been to the Hartenstein in Oosterbeek, the 82d Airborne Museum at Ft. Bragg. They are all really worth visiting.
  2. People seem to forget that Women's football was massive buring the First World War. But once the surviving men returned from the war. Husbands backed by the Government and FA wanted the women back in the kitchen so Kicked them all out of the Factories whom most played for. They eventually actually banned Women's football in 1921. The organised game didn't start again until 1969. No wonder it lags behind the Men's game. Some might not like Women commentating on games but you cannot deny that they actually know what the're talking about. I'd take any of them over Glenn Hoddle and his monotone BS
  3. Andy Bothwell Ards FC and Northern Ireland.
  4. That lads Di Matteo shirt. Superb. Loved our Italians, especially Robbie and I'm so glad he won the CL with / for us.
  5. That was a month ago! Dundee derbies back next season!
  6. Last night I watched some dire film call The Bad Nun. There's time I'll never get back. I like a nunsploitation film but God this was rubbish. The best thing about it was the Box it came in, which incidently bares no relation to the film. So I'll mention a good film. My go to film is A Bridge Too Far, all about Arnhem. I first watched it on Airborne Forces Day at Depot Para and I've loved it ever since. I had the luck to meet many Arnhem veterans over the years including some of the 'Personalities" who didn't disappoint. Every man an Emperor. What Manner Of Men Are These That Wear T
  7. What he said. I don't like players coming back unless they've been loaned. David Luiz especially.
  8. Whilst we're winning he's keeping. (Loving the pessimism of the OP last Feb Lol.)
  9. I put Spuds just because, well the're Spuds. Historically in every way they cannot match us and the odd game they've beaten us has been us blowing it. They cannot be classed as rivals as the don't threaten us and we outshine them. I don't think any of the teams in the poll are rivals to us. Some have had great seasons and blown everyone away but it's been fleeting. I get more enjoyment beating the Gooners and if they ever get their act together well...
  10. I think he could be world class, but at the moment he isn't. I think if anyone comes in for him with serious intent, then he's gone.
  11. I'll never tire of talking about that win. It's funny but I always wonder who the hero will be in the big games. I loved the first one and it was down to Petr and Drogs, this was a team win, a team with Kante in it!
  12. A fit Callum Wilson from Newcastle, they'd sell they always do. He did well with the rubbish service he got from his teammates. He'd be great with first class passes into the box.
  13. Sorry, I had to smirk at that. True but harsh.
  14. I can't really comment, fans attacking easy targets, it happened across the country. In my post you replied to, I was talking more about organised crews having rules. Herberts fighting old men, kids, scarfers and each other was not in my matchday experience. I never belted anyone not up for it , or unfortunately vice-versa.
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