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  1. Doesn’t sound good for Kovacic unfortunately. Gilmour will seemingly play. RLC got the full 90 mins with the U23s Tuesday so may start if we are struggling for numbers I expect but imagine Frank wants to give him a bit more time. 60 mins perhaps? I prefer Mount in the wide left position rather than centre mid but beggars can’t be choosers...
  2. Excellent result! My quick thoughts: - Barkley a frustrating talent. Clearly has skill / talent, but too often makes the wrong decision for me. This performance summed him up perfectly, sublime moments surrounded by a a lack of vision and some poor decisions in critical areas - Gilmour was immense. Not only on the ball, but his directing of play. He is vocal, shows no fear and was a breath of fresh air. Have a lot of hope for him becoming a star. Hope he sees a bit more game time through the run in. Thought we looked a bit exposed with him, Mount and Barkley in CM but the Willian injury and Jorginho coming on, Mount moving to the left 'wing' seemed to fix that. - Kepa deserves a recall. Big Willy hasnt exactly set the world alight or changed any of the underlying stats. Kepa's ceiling is higher and he did everything right last night. - Giroud. Not much more I can say. He helps us relieve some of the pressure through his hold up play, heading etc. As we don't keep possession well when in front, we need someone like him. His link up play and general effort was also excellent. Miles ahead of Bat Man for me (I like Michy and want him to do well but...) - Alonso our best left sided option. Was solid defensively (can't always say that) and useful in attack. The extra dimension going forward when we sometimes lack a solution makes up for the defensive weaknesses in my view. At points during the game, I was still worried about a few things, particularly our ability to maintain possession and look solid. Shape wasnt too bad and we seemed more disciplined, but still looks quite open to me at times. Also, we played out the back horrendously. Take nothing away - great result. Lets hope the draw is kind....Que sera sera....
  3. I’m going to keep it brief as I would like to consign that one to a dusty forgotten cupboard in my brain. Firstly, it wasn’t much better than watching us under the bad days of Sarri - at least we had Hazard then. The lack of cutting edge is painful. I’ll probably get pelters but I would like to see Alonso back for the options he gives us going forward - it’s not like Azpi is a great left back anyway. Feels like too much loyalty to the captain... Giroud showed why we should trust him more as a second option to Tammy. Not just the goal/no goal, but also just making a nuisance of himself and linking play. The ball comes back way too quickly when sometimes we just need to control things and he helps us do that in my opinion. Looks like I’m harping back to 2018, I know, but we need to try something different in my opinion. Look like a bunch of headless chickens sometimes and it showed today. Time for Super Frank to show us what he’s got...
  4. Agree entirely. Think we are seeing more from many of our midfielders, including Kovacic, which is encouraging. Lampard effect perhaps? Think and hope there is more to come from him
  5. There is still time to secure a deal but limited interest by the sounds of it, particularly if we are being picky. Its a shame but confidence looks shot and just looks like 'a swing and a miss' for us on him
  6. Good luck to him - seemed like a decent enough bloke and player, but if we are going to promote youth, we don't really need an experienced pro as a back up. I think it will take a lot for Lamps to replace Azpi so expect James may get his chance mainly in cups.
  7. Totally agree - the review of every decision is painful and takes some of what we love out of the game in my opinion. A limited number of reviews that can be initiated by the team could be one option as you say, plus refs could ask the VAR crew to take a look. I agree with Nuno Espirito Santo. I have come to accept that it is going to have a place in the game, but please not a painstaking review of every decision. Go with the ref, unless someone challenges them.
  8. Feels like our system leaves all the back 4 exposed, especially when we lose possession in the middle of the park. Coupled with an iffy (or at best not established) centre back pairing, Azpi's steady decline looks steeper than it might be. Looked more compact against Liverpool but a bit wild again v Leicester
  9. CHO signing will be a welcome relief and if nothing else, Lamps will have got 3 of our youngest and brightest on long term deals. Should be careful not to put too much expectation on his shoulders though. He was promising in flashes last year, mostly against limited opposition. Expect he'll have his ups and downs this year just like the rest of the young team.
  10. Looking for 2 x tickets for Norwich away if possible. One adult, one junior, but will take two adult tickets. Thanks!

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