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  1. 1 hour ago, MissouriBlue said:

    Was that the Gigi story? That was amazing!

    Apparently Buffon interrupted a half time talk by asking about the players' bonus, and Conte went ballistic on him.  

    I can't see any managers responding well to that, and it was dickish on Buffon's part regardless of the fact that they had already won the league. Half time talks are no place to ask about monetary bonuses. 


    7 minutes ago, Fatty_Speeding said:

    I'm going to call it now - new contract for Costa. Mendes has many clients other than Costa and has been in China all week so I doubt the visit is just about him though no doubt he's taking advantage of the timing. Costa has likely had a massive offer on the table from China for years, as has probably every player of his calibre currently in Europe. Someone leaked this get the reaction we are now seeing.

    That makes a lot of sense. I sure hope you're right. 

  2. If Costa is even considering a move to China, then I'm disappointed, surprised, and disgusted. Perhaps I'm naive. I genuinely thought Costa is someone who plays with passion for the game, not someone who would bugger off to a meaningless league purely for the money. Seriously, what could he buy with a higher salary that can't can't afford on his current salary? 

    This is heartbreaking if true even if it doesn't come to fruition. 


  3. On 11/27/2016 at 14:06, Zeta Orionis said:

    I wonder how much his father's illness has played a part in how he's changed over the last few years, because he hasn't been the same for a while now.

    I wasn't aware that his father is ill. That is certainly a big stressor that puts people into a bad mood. If that's the reason behind his personal displays recently, then perhaps he needs to take a break and tend to his family. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Nibs said:

    Sent to the stands again today. Utd fans wanted entertainment and Jose is being very entertaining!

    I'm far from a Mourinho fan, but the referees and FA have been treating him so unfairly. He gets sent to the stands, fined, suspended, etc. for any little nitpicking they can think of. Other managers have been allowed to get away with running on in the middle of a game and pushing an opposition player. 

    I actually feel sorry for Mourinho, words unthinkable at times in the past. 

  5. Maybe I'm getting soft. I don't feel anything negative toward Rafa at the moment. In fact I give him props for sticking with Newcastle and taking the risk of being humiliated in the Championship. I wish him well there. 

    I've always been critical about Jose and stand by my previous criticisms, but I also feel sympathetic toward him now. After Burnley, I really do think he's being unfairly targeted by the FA, and people are taking a "blame the victim" approach with this specific issue.  

    Consider this. Pochettino ran on during the middle of a game and pushed Willian. He was trying to break up a fight started by Danny Rose, and instead of pushing Rose away, he pushed Willian. 

    Nothing happened to Pochettino. He wasn't sent to the stands, wasn't banned from a subsequent game, wasn't fined. 

    Can you imagine if Jose had done that? He's been sent to the stands and fined for some frustrated words that were arguably true, for goodness sake. The FA would have him jailed for assault if he did what Pochettino did. Yet because it's Jose, it would be laudable and smugly amusing to punish him like that. 

  6. On 10/27/2016 at 05:27, RIP Mourinho said:

    Mourinho charged with misconduct by the FA for comments made ahead of the Liverpool game. 


    Odds on Mourinho to claim there is a campaign against him and his team?

    In fairness I do think he's been treated unfairly by the FA in terms of these and other comments.

    There are aspects of the FA that really do deserve criticism. Sometimes referees really are sh*t. 

    The FA refuses to answer where all the fine money goes. As long as there is no accountability, they can continue to mete out punishments in arbitrary fashion. For them Jose is an easy target for the punishments because he's known as an unpleasant person.

    I don't think it's a campaign against him and his team, but I do think that there's discrimination against him as an individual within the FA.  

  7. When I watched the England squad at Euros, with so many young players in their first tournament, I thought, they sure could use someone like JT to guide them through the stress of the experience. No one has more genuine passion and interest in mentoring young players.

    Maybe that's what Allardyce is thinking, having JT as a bench player whose primary purpose would be to lead and mentor.

  8. This article, the greatest piece of sports journalism in the history of the written word, is a treasure trove of brilliant pictures.


    Be sure as well to watch the video at the top. England would have won by a landslide if not for Sterling ruining it at the end. I couldn't get the video to play on my phone, so you might need to be on a regular computer to see it.

  9. This one's pretty good. :wink:


    This is a fascinating look at what was happening on the other side at the same time.




    Credit: Miguel Ruiz

    Strangely, these images don't make me feel happy. They don't make me feel anything negative, but they don't make me feel happy.

    It's irrational in a way because the image of Chelsea lifting the cup inevitably co-exists with the image of the Barcelona dressing room, so you can argue that rationally your reaction should be the same to both images. I guess that's a philosophical question.

  10. Zidane walking past the World Cup after the biggest WTF moment in football history, possibly all of sports history.


    Credit: Bob Thomas

    Messi after losing the 2014 final. I wanted Argentina to win so I don't like the context, but it's one hell of a photograph. It won World Press sports photograph of the year.


    Credit: Bao Tailiang

  11. Had to put this one up today !........Taken exactly 50 years ago (almost to the minute?)


    The past 50 years have shown the magnitude of their achievement. It's damn difficult to win the World Cup, and the fact they won it means they must have had an abundance of team spirit, cohesion, passion, and complete commitment to the collective cause.

  12. ^^ Never mind, I wasn't aware that outside England fans aren't banned for flares in the stadium. I rarely watch continental games, and the ones I've seen I don't remember them showing widespread use of flares by fans unless it was for negative reasons. Crazy in my opinion to allow them in the stadiums.

  13. Champions League SF 2005, that got abandoned after the Inter fans threw flares and bottles onto the ground after a disallowed goal. Milan went onto win the tie and cocked up the final big time.


    Why did the fans bring the flares to the stadium to begin with? Surely they couldn't have foreseen a disallowed goal.

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