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  1. Very unpopular opinion... I was actually surprised by Kennedy, he grew into the game, the first 20 minutes he gave away the ball a lot but once he grew into the game his movement was good, he created chances for himself and the team, he got into dangerous areas of the pitched, linked up with his team mates, yes he probably should of scored 2 goals and he needs to work on his finishing but I thought he was one of the best players in the game!
  2. You are probably right mate, but I ask the question if costa and Michy leave which is looking highly likely... who are we going to bring in to replace them? Lukaku and who?
  3. I know many of you will disagree with me but I am so angry with this news... Costa is perfect for Chelsea, I wouldn't say his been our 'drogba' replacement but costa gives so much to our team, he is much more than just goals, he holds the ball up well, his aggressive, defenders are scared of him, that's exactly what drogba did! IF lukaku is costa's replacement then we are in big trouble, I hope conte has a good reason for this.... I hope he brings in morata and lukaku

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