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  1. I'm not sure if your agreeing or disagreeing with me here??? As im saying this may not have been the case if Kante was in his natural position covering behind the midfield.. As for the change, different line up granted, but same formation and tactics, which does work and sometimes we play well. But if its found out and they play to stifle us, then more changes needed. Part of Conte's problem in 2nd season was that teams had figured out how to stop the wing backs, and he didn't change it.
  2. poor showing from all players last night, starting to look like Arsenal used to for a few seasons. All nice passing but no killer final pass / touch. Although even then we've no one to put it away. Desperate need of a 20+ goal a season striker. Still hoping Morata can be that.. I think we have a lot of options in the players we have behind the striker, and Sarri needs to adjust his plans for certain games and change tactics / formations to suit, even if it means changing mid way through depending how the games going, not just stick to 1 formation. Sometimes a slight change in tactics throws the opponent. Def think Kante needs to play where he is best, Jorginho is class, but could he not also play beside Kante or further up? Just my humble Opinion. Still like ''Sarriball'' and Sarri, just needs to adapt, and lose the stubbornness. Im no expert but you can see when the games crying out for a change.
  3. has to be Lamps, followed closely by JT and Drogba. Or Robben or Viali. or Jimmy Floyd. Lol. Forgot Gudjonsen....
  4. the thought of that prospect actually happening is scary. the worst part is it could actually happen.
  5. Maybe Not directly, but hinted. well according to the way interviews were written / reported.
  6. I really hope he stays, but at the same time he has always said he would go eventually. He did show loyalty and stay when we last missed CL football. So in a way I can understand and could accept him going to Madrid. Not as if he's looking for highest wage, he's always said Madrid. £££ plus Bale would be a good deal for us. After an inconsistent season, maybe Madrid will see Salah or Sane as a better option. Hope so. I'm not saying they're better players, just a better season overall.
  7. According to the papers, Napoli wanting £17 million to release Sarri. why the F**K didn't we pay the release clause at the time. or tell Napoli to stick him up their ass. They already have a replacement hired, so they will have to sack him at some stage, or pay both. Maybe that's what we're waiting for. I didn't like it at the time the way we were so trigger happy with managers, but at least it was done as soon as and we moved on.
  8. I actually kind of like the shirt. but the fit is terrible. Bought xl at the weekend, no shape to it at all, just square the whole way down. Last seasons seemed to be tapered..
  9. Del-85


    I know he's not consistent, but he's still better than anything we've bought recently. id sell Pedro before Willian tbh. Whens he's good he is unplayable. With the small squad we have id keep him. Plus reported 40mil for Grealish. Surely Willian is worth double??
  10. Something needs to happen soon, Manager needs sorted 1st and a good Director of football / Technical Director . Sarri if he wants the job should just quit Napoli, no money required. Unless of course there is a clause, which any court would throw out as its different country of employment. If its to be Conte, then let him at it. Players be on Holiday after world cup and window closes early. I can genuinely see another shambles of a window. And if we lose players late on in window were f****d. The amount of faffling about we seem to do on negotiations for them to fall flat. One thing about Jose, targets identified and signed early.
  11. Cant say I was an Emenalo fan, (at a time) I did think he made bad transfers and maybe strained relations with certain managers. But in hindsight maybe he was actually doing a good job. He did have some good signings obviously. (If he was in charge of it, who knows). Certainly done better than Martina. Conte may have a point. But even when Emenalo was there, Conte was jibing.
  12. Ruben hopefully has a good world cup, even as a bit part player, and then gets a chance with us next season. He def has the talent. Cant do much worse than bakayoko. Cant see Baka improve much in 2nd season as he showed so little this year. But knowing us we'll sell for less than average money, someone will take a gamble and Loftus-Cheek will be the next Lampard or Gerrard. Not to say it hasn't happened before (Salah, DeBruyne, Lukaku, Robben, even Bertrand)
  13. By no means do I want Conte sacked, I think he's a class act. But at the minute he seems to have given up, too concerned with the board and what he hasn't got. Yes there's gripes to be had with transfer policy and whos in charge of it. Maybe Emenalo wasn't so bad. But if he's resigned to leaving and has given up, what does he really care about the future of Chelsea. Im sure hes not intentionally causing a bad atmosphere to get the sack, but at the same time its possible. I cant understand why he Waits too long in a game to make a change. in and around 80mins against united and city. Although not immediately required against united, but we were 2nd best in 2nd half. yesterday we were dreadful and t was painful to watch. Hazard as a false 9 just doesn't work, the games passing him by when he's in that role against the better teams. It will drive Hazard out of the club when he's not enjoying the football. Due to Conte's stubbornness and trying to prove a point we may end up Missing out on Champions league, losing Hazard and Courtois, Moratas confidence shredded because Conte obviously doesn't trust him in big games. signing mediocre players again as no CL. Why must we go through this cycle every 2 to 3 years.
  14. such a waste playing Hazard as a false 9 when were hoofing the ball up front. Hasn't a chance of winning long balls. service to him was awful. no wonder he looked as if he didn't care. He's being driven to look for a transfer if this continues.
  15. Considering we were apparently serious about Andy ''f**king'' Carroll, im actually happy were going for Giroud. Think he could be a decent 2nd striker. Maybe even start beside Morata in some games to provide lay offs. Giroud or Dzeko, IMO either will do. but money needs to be lowish considering their age. We seem to be looking for a stop gap. Which doesn't really work, Dembele from Septic I think would be an excellent purchase for long term.

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