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  1. I don’t really see how Fekir fits into the system plays either as F9 or off the forward. Don’t really see the benefit in playing him out wide when the club obviously rate Pedro and Willian on the right
  2. Depends how the deal is structured with add ons personally I can’t see it ever reaching that amount. Considering he has already rejected a 125k per week deal I don’t think wages are a massive problem for clubs with the premier league money even the size of palace now days. Unless Willian goes Man Utd I don’t see the logic in signing Zaha or Bailey
  3. Chelsea’s have to sign the players that have done ‘f**k all’ now and should be buying players with potential and looking to invest time in them like we have done with hazard as that’s the only way now we will end up with top players. We are not in the league anymore of going to buy the best talent. If Leon Bailey gets 25 goals next year and does ‘something’ he’s out of your price range If Zaha goes to a top club and players really well again we ain’t going to buy him people must be realistic as to where we are as a club now
  4. He's good but *very* young. It'd be a hell of a gamble taking a young kid away from home like that. Maybe if we bought him this year, loaned him out like we did Courtois and played Willy this year it might make sense but I'd be concerned if we were to make honour number one this year. Willy Cabelero is a poor goalkeeper that will cost us points. We must get someone or we will not qualify for the champions league with him in goal. Personally I wouldn’t even have him as our numbers two I’d have Bulka
  5. No chance Marina picks what players to buy she’s there to do the deal. Harsh criticism of someone when it’s not their job
  6. I just hate this guy so much he’s such a bad footballer ever time I watch him I feel like we’ve been mugged all over again. As soon as the ball is at his feet he’s a embarrassment. Surely someone will take him on loan and cover his 100k he is robbing us off every week. What a joke this guy is
  7. City liverpool spurs chelsea utd arsenal City are so good and have such a good squad they will run away with it again Liverpool to run city closest but still be off the pace to win it Spurs and us to fight it out for third. If we had signed i good forward I would have put us third but as I think he will struggle for goals if he persists with Morata I have gone spurs 3rd us 4th Utd 5th as his pre-Season antics remind me of the year it all fell apart at chelsea. His irrational behaviour and picking fights with players feels like a carbon copy
  8. He’s definitely on the decline just have to look at his lowest goals return on goals last year
  9. I think you have hit the nail on the head here. Exactly my thought !
  10. Personally I believe Higuin is ac Milan bound. It looks like it’s falling into place for a bonucci Higuin swap deal. I just can’t see Milan spending over 60m on 1 player that they can get a better alternative cheaper especially after all the FFP problems
  11. Mourinho done some bad business at Chelsea specifically KDB and Lukaku. It feels like we are going to be on the end of a good deal this time and we get a player that can really kick on and be a top level forward. Martial must be thinking if he can play through the middle and get a good return on goals he will be a garenteed starter for France too
  12. He has been pushed out on the right for Utd and been very poor. Personally I think you can only play him on the left or through the middle
  13. I agree with you. With the signing of Jorginho I really don’t see an issue with our midfield. Surely money would be better spent on other positions
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