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  1. I'm an American and Pulisic is my favorite player on the planet. I'd rather have him on Chelsea playing in whatever role he's being asked to play than starting on some trash fire team struggling to stay over the line. Honestly, seeing him get injured so much recently, I'm not unhappy having him come on as an impact player because it allows him go 100% for shorter time frames. "America" doesn't give a sh*t about soccer right now, but Pulisic can change that and he can do that by being a key part of this team which he has been. When you're scoring against Real Madrid and dropping dimes, that's spectacular whether or not you're starting.
  2. Jokes, jokes. Yes, it's the top division in the US. It was created as part of the deal to bring the 94 World Cup to the United States. It's the longest lived professional league in US history.
  3. I'm first and foremost an Orlando City supporter. Some might consider MLS a lower division, so does that count? 😂
  4. 2016 Premier League vs Tottenham, the battle of the bridge Just watched the condensed replay on YT for this match. Thoughts: I've watched two classic Chelsea gang fights where football matches broke out. It's an odd thing as an American to listen to the commentators celebrating the championship of a team not actually on the screen. It's absolutely hysterical watching Tottenham get cock-blocked at the most critical time in their history to hand the championship over to Leicester City?!?!? Teams with chickens as mascots should be ashamed of themselves. Mousa Dembélé is a bitch. Erik Lamela is a bitch. That is all.
  5. Yeah I know better than that. I will visit Ibrox for sure though.
  6. Thanks for the reply and the Rangers comment is awesome. I did not know that. My wife and I are supposed to be going to Scotland in November and the layovers in Gatwick don't look to afford enough time to visit Stamford Bridge for a picture but I could certainly hit maybe the next best thing in Glasgow that week if all this pandemic idiocy can get under control. Also, any advice on how much time it would take to be feasible to make it to the Stamford Bridge for an hour and then back from that airport is not unwelcome!
  7. That's a great read, thank you! I was sitting there telling my wife, how is that not a red card? How is that not at least a yellow? I'm glad I wasn't seeing things. I was looking to see a fight and a football game broke out.
  8. 1970 FA Cup Final vs Leeds - when we won the FA Cup for the first time - Just watched this one. Wow, no penalties, replay of the game, playing on what looks like a cow pasture, and keepers playing without gloves? Half of each side would have been sent off these days for those challenges. A time when little b*tches weren't tolerated. Outstanding. 1997 FA Cup final vs Middlesbrough - First trophy for 25 years 2003 Premier League, Chelsea vs Liverpool, final day of the season, winner qualifies for Champions League. We were then bought by Abramovic afterwards. 2005 Premier League, Chelsea vs Bolton, when we won the Premier League, first league title for 50 years 2008 Champions League Final vs Man United. The JT slip and we lost 2009 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The horrible ref performance that hurts to this day 2012 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The revenge and qualifying for the final 2012 Champions League Final vs Bayern. Drogba header to equalise and penalty to win it. 2016 Premier League vs Tottenham, the battle of the bridge
  9. The rule really should be that you don't invite rando half-naked women to your house if you're a wealthy public figure. I know this is a very hard rule to follow when you're a superstar teenage millionaire. I don't know what happened but I can say for 100% certain that CHO made a poor life choice here.
  10. As an American in Orlando who only adopted Chelsea as my English side this year, I don't have much Blues education. So I am asking all of you esteemed colleagues, if you could list, in your opinion, the most import matches historically or maybe the most important seasons or maybe the greatest players and why, I'd be immensely grateful! Additionally, who do we hate the very very most?
  11. 6/17 but I'm a n00b Chelsea supporter. I pretty much randomly guessed all of these.
  12. I'll be lucky to ask forgiveness when the wife sees the charge for just one!
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