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  1. I'll be lucky to ask forgiveness when the wife sees the charge for just one!
  2. I'm an Orlando City fan and I hate this thread. ?
  3. Thank you for the kind words! This is precisely the sort of thing I am looking for! What are some historical catalysts for our most hated rivals in your opinion? I'll give you an example of the sort of thing I'm after from an American College Football perspective: I'm a Florida fan and Florida fans loathe Georgia because of games like this: In 1942, a Florida team depleted by World War II enlistments and playing partially with random students pulled off the street was hammered by a Georgia team bolstered by their strong ROTC (All-American type players kept out of WWII) program, losing 75-0. Running up the score in that sort of circumstance is one of the games that fostered a white-hot hatred for Georgia. With that in mind, what are some particularly memorable matches that have stoked the fires for Chelsea?
  4. Should everyone behind you who paid £65 for their tickets be allowed to watch the game unobstructed? How about those who traveled around the world for their one and only chance to watch Chelsea in person? Be more self-aware.
  5. Maybe if you were signed by Chelsea!
  6. I'm an American, and a new Chelsea fan as of Thursday, and I've been watching Christian for a while. He just might be the best American to ever play the game and I don't say that lightly. He has a magical touch that you don't typically see from American players. He also seems very mature and well grounded from the stories I've read about him. I was gutted when the USMNT washed out of the 2018 World Cup on the basis alone of not getting to see Christian playing for us. He also could very well be the player that inspires millions of American kids to play soccer instead of American Football, baseball or basketball. Also, I'll be buying an authentic kit with his name on it next season. So I'm happy with the signing.
  7. Hey everyone, after much research the other day, I have elected to support Chelsea FC as my Premier League team. I'm from Orlando and I've been following my local MLS team Orlando City avidly for the past 4 years and thought it was about time I picked a side in Europe to watch "proper football" as it were. I'm a huge Pulisic fan and I am very excited to see him next season. Some reasons that I liked the cut of your jib include: You're not Manchester whatever. You don't have a cock for a mascot. You're not Liverpool. Your name doesn't start with Arse. You were founded approximately the same year as my university American football team. I find the story of your founding absolutely hilarious. You've had parallel periods of ups and downs as said college football team. Blue is my favorite color. You don't play in a cottage. I am very glad to have found this forum. Please point me to all the proper places to become educated about rivals and history. Any listing of most hated rivals and why are of particular interest to myself. Best ways to follow the club from afar and favorite Chelsea and Premier League site recommendations are much appreciated. Also if someone could explain the byzantine ticketing system for attending a match, that would be useful for whenever I eventually do manage to visit the UK. I also know it is absolutely nearly impossible to attain such tickets without immense planning ahead. Again thank you for this site and your hospitality!

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