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  1. I disagree. It was intended to kiss the ass of both Israel and USA. Roman now has an Insraeli visa. USA and Israel relations are extremely close. I feel this was a way to show loyalty to both these countries from Roman. To prove he is supportive and appreciative for giving him the VISA when England denied him.
  2. Im actually very shocked 2 of our youngsters picked up these very same injuries. Usually you get this type later on in your career, not at such early ages. Its extremely rare for youngsters to get this, let alone 2 in the same club. Are we doping these youngsters? Steroids usually have this effect because the achilles tendon cant keep up with the mass of muscle gained. Tendons take a very long time to get strong whereas muscle it is much faster. Just food for thought.
  3. Keep on stepping Napoleon, youre on ignore now. You've got the little man syndrome , Ive read a lot of your past comments. 😆 FYI you can make sly dumb digs at USA all you want, you know deep down youre a bitter little man.
  4. Not as embarrassing and bigoted as your comments. Keep on stepping little man.
  5. Youre welcome. Glad it was solved here in the US of A.
  6. Roman for sure wanted a strong side out there for the US fans and for this event. He lives in Israel now and has an Israeli citizenship. Je will surely do his best to please both of these countries. USA and Israel have extremely close relations, I would not be surprised if Roman bought a team in USA.
  7. I am also from Boston and was at the stadium with my wife
  8. You did. FYI the pitch wasn't bad. I don't know why some of you are focused on this. The pitch was fine.
  9. Bore off. It was a good cause set up by our owner. Not only that, but gives us overseas brothers a chance to watch our team live.
  10. The game was fun and I was impressed at the amount of support we gathered. Almost a full house at Gillette Stadium. Im a Patriots season T holder and I was impressed. I got a wave at the end from Luiz and thumbs up from Azpi for cheering out Capitano. Hazard waved at the crowd in the end while we were cheering him on to stay. I think he is off to Madrid after seeing that. The injury to RLC was a big disappointment and I was shocked to be honest when he was put on to play.
  11. Goodbye Eden. Its pretty obvious that he is leaving us. He is also playing very cautious and not fully in the game. The reason for this I believe is because he does not want to pick up an injury and then deal falls off. He is a liability for Europa League and he should not be playing for us in that game.
  12. Id pick him ahead of De Gea this year for sure. De Gea has been an abomination to the GK role
  13. Tried his very best to make us lose, didnt he?

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