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  1. Zouma and Azpi are absolutely killing our defense. How is Zouma still in our starting lineup is shocking really.
  2. Am I being too harsh on Barkley or is he as bad as I have made him to be?
  3. Easy group for us. Not hard at all. Lovely travel for the fans too. I just pissed $100 on a stupid bet before the draw. Feck it.
  4. 100% chance we get Real Madrid. I just bet 100 on it.
  5. Kovacic reminds me a bit of Iniesta. He doesnt score and assist much but was integral to the way Barcelona and Spain played. Kovacic will never be as good as Iniesta of course, but he is a player of similar silk.
  6. This is Edens debut for us. Come on, everyone was over the moon.
  7. He looked the worst on the pitch for me. Really bad.
  8. You stand corrected mate. Move on, no point for the petty replies. The point still stands that we need to invest massively on our defense and on a CF/ST. Lampards Achilles heel is the defense so we have to invest there massively.
  9. Do I have to answer this? Just look at our first 2 prem games.
  10. To cover Frank's Achilles Heel, we need to spend a very large amount of our budget on the defense. Frank will have us scoring and playing destructive football, but he will not be able to setup a great defense. Rudiger will fit very well in Franks defense because he is very quick and has a lot of strength. We will need to pair him with another powerful and speedy defender in the middle though. Our RB has to be upgraded with a pacy and amazing stamina player. Emerson might be able to fit perfectly in this team if he has a strong reliable CB that is pairing with him, that can make up for the bom
  11. The way he took that penalty reminded me of Frank. Blast it home, no bullsh*t on it. Just a good goal.
  12. That might be the worst United team in recent memory, but our team is currently top 10 and below level without Kante in the team.
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