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  1. If the stadium is built do you think the club will aim to meet the standards required to host champions league finals and other events? At the moment I think only Wembely and spurs can host a final in London.
  2. With the Euros coming up and some matches taking place in England I was reminded of Stamford Bridge for some reason... maybe one day we will have a stadium that can host big events! Just a curious fan who is looking for any updates regarding the current situation. My guess is there won't be any major plans to rebuild the stadium in the next 2-3 years?
  3. Poor again just like the Werner and Pulisic. Had the best chance in the game but yet another miss. Need to see more ruthlessness from him next season with more end product considering how advanced he plays under Tuchel.
  4. I feel like we will go with someone low profile, not a big name.
  5. I have been very critical of our recruitment as of late. Last summer was a step in the right direction, however. Silva, Mendy and Chilwell have been good to varying extents. Havertz will turn out to be a good player with a more settled season. He has the footballing intelligence and technical ability to excel. He played well up until that Arsenal game where the whole team sucked. His performances vs Real Madrid and the not so renowned Fulham have shown enough for me to believe he has it in him. Unfortunately I cant say the same thing about Werner. Terrible technically and very 1 dimensional. People praise him for his assists and runs but we've been winning games by 1 goal since Tuchel has arrived 95% of the time. When things dont go his way like in the cup final we end up on the wrong side of these fine margins. I am sure we can win games more comfortably by 3 or 4 goals with someone more competent up top. Winning 1-0 on daily basis is unrealistic in the long term and we've seen that with Arsenal and Leicester that we struggle to overturn deficits of just 1 or 2 goals. Not a fan of Ziyech at all. This seemed like an opportunistic buy rather than a thought out investment. The Lacroix dude we are being linked with now from a reliable source seems like another good deal. With Zouma leaving probably and Silva not being able to play twice a week the whole season, we need a new CB comfortable playing in a 4 man defence which is what Tuchel will likely use next season. A striker and and a winger is needed with this formation with injury prone Pulisic and CHO being somewhat underwhelming. Lets see if the club is smart this summer we need to build on with Tuchel.
  6. Im going to cry if we drop points tonight. Infuriating ref and Werner is the most clumsy undisciplined striker to play for us. Stay onside and dont score with your arm. Come on man we need to score to win
  7. He was literally barking at Mount in the 2nd half
  8. We have been losing finals before Tuchel arrived. We have lost 8/11 finals since 2015 or somrthing like that. All over twitter. Turned into spurs
  9. Looks like you can't read. Read back my other post which you did not quote and chose to ignore.
  10. If you look at his goal scoring record you will see that last season was an anomaly. That's not the normal amount of goals he scores in a season. It bumped up his average.
  11. I'm not saying all the players we have signed recently have been flops. Even we can't be that bad! Also I didn't go after the board I said whoever is dealing with the player recruitment should be held responsible. Ziyech was what 27 playing in the dutch league? Hardly the calibre of player we should be going for in their prime years. Someone like Pulisic who is 21 has had a bigger impact even with the injury ridden season he's had. Our recruitment has been far from optimal. Serious questions need to be asked because there have been far too many mediocre signings.
  12. The recruitment is more than questionable. From Bakayoko to Kepa. Ziyech was comfortable in the Dutch league with no big teams going after him unlike De Ligt and other stars from that Ajax team. More than ability it's also about mentality. Ziyech couldn't muster any intensity to his game in a cup final.
  13. We have not been a competitive since Conte's title winning season. The longest we've gone without winning the league has been 5 years (2010>2015). I wonder what Abramovich is thinking right now. Because I dont see us challenging with our recruitment policy. Whether its Marina who has had a prominent role in the last 5 seasons or someone else directing, our player recruitment it's been abysmal. Serious steps need to be made in the summer. We have been unlucky with managers with Conte moaning his way out of the club, Sarri choosing to leave and Lampard being thrown under the bus. Tuchel has messed up in the last 2 games but he's shown to be tactically superior to his predecessors. Let's see how the club acts in the summer.
  14. Im not going after VAR because we did not deserve to win at all. Pathetic group of players bar a few like Kante who don't care about a cup final.
  15. Takes too much time on the ball and plays the wrong pass quite often slowing down our build up. Compare him to Rudiger and Silva who played major contributions to some of the goals we scored recently. Not good enough.
  16. and with that city have overtaken us in league titles. lets be competitive again next season and end their dominance
  17. So much negativity and doubt! Its good to be cautious but this City side aren't on the same level as Bayern with Lewandoski from last season or their centurions side. We are more than capable of beating them. Kante is by far the best player when he's in the mood from both sides.
  18. You seriously think Mbuyamba/Livramento will play? I doubt we will be introducing youngsters at this stage of the season. With Christensen out Silva/Azpi will probably rotate with each other.
  19. He definitely needs a rest. Played almost every game. Don't want him to be injured from overload. If we can wrap up top 4 early with the help of teams around us bottling it I would rest him for the last game of the season vs Villa along with other key players. We should have top 4 secured by then
  20. His biggest weakness is dribbling. He cant beat any defender 1v1 with his dribbling ability. Time and time again he just runs into them and loses the ball. It's painful to watch. That's something we expect from our other forwards like Pulisic who is capable of taking on 3-4 players at once if he's on it like the Liverpool away game last season. He is at his best when he takes few touches of the ball and releases it quickly like he did with the assist. No dilly dallying around.
  21. Well we are going into another final as the underdogs just like 2012 but the circumstances are different. I feel more confident vs City than I did vs Bayern. Our young squad are just as hungry as the old guard from 9 years ago. It's good to be back on the big stage again thank you Thomas. I was aware of him since his dortmund days but didn't know he was this tactical. He makes mistakes like everyone else but you can't have too many complaints. PSG fans disliked their playing style at the end of his tenure but that's probably down to the fractured relationship between the him and the board leading to an overall negative atmosphere and affecting his motivation. PSG also has an unbalanced squad which isn't good enough to win the UCL. Mbappe and Neymar were also not willing to press and work their socks off like Werner and Havertz do so I think Thomas is happier with our squad. Make smart acquisitions in the summer to increase our squad depth similarly to City and we can achieve great things.
  22. Everyone is playing well and they all have a case for starting games. Whoever plays in the final will also be picked based on the Tuchel's tactics. Kante is the one I'd say has to play in the big games.
  23. Wickham is highly knowledgeable about UK politics. He isn't a sports journo either. The fact he is tweeting this is massive. Not a mouthpiece for any club like Simon Stone is for Ed Woodward. I'll take his word for it but ofc I'm waiting for a concrete statement from the club itself.
  24. I'm shocked. I'm numb. Is this real life? How has this happened. I'm questioning if I should follow this club anymore.
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