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  1. Takes too much time on the ball and plays the wrong pass quite often slowing down our build up. Compare him to Rudiger and Silva who played major contributions to some of the goals we scored recently. Not good enough.
  2. and with that city have overtaken us in league titles. lets be competitive again next season and end their dominance
  3. So much negativity and doubt! Its good to be cautious but this City side aren't on the same level as Bayern with Lewandoski from last season or their centurions side. We are more than capable of beating them. Kante is by far the best player when he's in the mood from both sides.
  4. You seriously think Mbuyamba/Livramento will play? I doubt we will be introducing youngsters at this stage of the season. With Christensen out Silva/Azpi will probably rotate with each other.
  5. He definitely needs a rest. Played almost every game. Don't want him to be injured from overload. If we can wrap up top 4 early with the help of teams around us bottling it I would rest him for the last game of the season vs Villa along with other key players. We should have top 4 secured by then
  6. His biggest weakness is dribbling. He cant beat any defender 1v1 with his dribbling ability. Time and time again he just runs into them and loses the ball. It's painful to watch. That's something we expect from our other forwards like Pulisic who is capable of taking on 3-4 players at once if he's on it like the Liverpool away game last season. He is at his best when he takes few touches of the ball and releases it quickly like he did with the assist. No dilly dallying around.
  7. Well we are going into another final as the underdogs just like 2012 but the circumstances are different. I feel more confident vs City than I did vs Bayern. Our young squad are just as hungry as the old guard from 9 years ago. It's good to be back on the big stage again thank you Thomas. I was aware of him since his dortmund days but didn't know he was this tactical. He makes mistakes like everyone else but you can't have too many complaints. PSG fans disliked their playing style at the end of his tenure but that's probably down to the fractured relationship between the him and the boar
  8. Everyone is playing well and they all have a case for starting games. Whoever plays in the final will also be picked based on the Tuchel's tactics. Kante is the one I'd say has to play in the big games.
  9. Wickham is highly knowledgeable about UK politics. He isn't a sports journo either. The fact he is tweeting this is massive. Not a mouthpiece for any club like Simon Stone is for Ed Woodward. I'll take his word for it but ofc I'm waiting for a concrete statement from the club itself.
  10. I'm shocked. I'm numb. Is this real life? How has this happened. I'm questioning if I should follow this club anymore.
  11. I disagree that he has marginalised Gilmour. Foden was in a similar situation with Pep not playing him often, instead he was slowly brought into the team. Now look at him. Gilmour was set to go on loan but Tuchel wanted to keep him with the 1st team. I think we will see more of Gilmour next season. Time is on his side, no need to rush him. Training with the 1st team during these big games we are playing in now is better than just sending him out on loan to a random relegation side.
  12. Alonso seems to have fallen out of favour. Chilly has played quite a lot recently so I expect Alonso to have a few games here and there for rotation and avoiding tiredness but his defensive liability was on full display vs West Brom I guess Tuchel saw enough. Chilly was on a bad run of form when Tuchel took over. Glad he's improving.
  13. I wanted him when Conte was sacked I think. He was available at the time if I'm not mistaken. Ended up with Sarri instead. I rated him highly but he has surpassed my expectations so far. I'm sure we will see what he's really capable of once we have a pre-season and play a back 4 which is his preferred formation.
  14. 1971 - Chelsea 1:1 Real Madrid 1971 - Chelsea 2:1 Real Madrid 1998 - Chelsea 1:0 Real Madrid Let's keep our unbeaten record against them 😉
  15. Tuchel says hes a doubt for the city game. Big miss.
  16. Can you guys remember on which match he started to kick it up a notch? I thought he was ok last season but his growth has been tremendous
  17. Hopefully ppl who are quick to criticise his false 9 position can also appreciate him today. Key is finding him which the midfield did not do vs porto
  18. The longer Mou stays with them the better! Spurs wont be a threat to us any time soon
  19. He is fast. Thats what I learned last night. Very mobile and quick decision making too.
  20. Did he even touch the ball yesterday? One thing we need to work is getting the ball to our forwards. Unfortunately when he came in in the 2nd half we barely went forward and were defending to see the game out. I don't blame him for not making an impact. We need to do a better job at getting the ball forward.
  21. This one is the one I'm scared off. Utd and pool are on bad form whereas everton are playing well. I expect a much tougher game. Win here and I top 4 is ours is to lose.
  22. Does anyone know why Spurs played their 2nd leg of their europa league tie today on a Wednesday? All the other teams are playing tomorrow.
  23. Even though I'm not a fan of Rudiger because he has a mistake in him I don't mind him playing for us as long as someone like Silva is beside him to cover for him. He is an ok player. Alonso is one player I would replace from our starting 11. At best he is average coming up with a few goals here and probably has better shooting ability than all our strikers at the moment. He is average at everything else. Slow on the ball, slow off the ball, predictable when it comes to passing (passing inside to werner/back to rudiger make up 95% of his passes), cant dribble or take on players 1v1 like C
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