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  1. I find it disrespectful that he’s looking to abandon Chelsea, the team that has given him everything to get to this point. He’s getting plenty of minutes at his age and he’ll get even more next year. We haven’t built the academy to bring players up only then having to sell them at 18. The club have pretty much told him that he’s the future of Chelsea. People don’t seem to realise that he is defensively not ready and is not consistent in games which is normal if you are 18. He development is ongoing. I wish we had someone like JT or Lamps in the team to give some mentorship and guidance. As a last option offer him the no 10 shirt which is what bayern have done and see if that changes his mind. Otherwise keep him next year as we are not able to buy anyone due to the travel ban and let him leave on free.
  2. The only way he would have stayed is if Madrid wasn’t interested and everyone knows they are. I’ve read in a few places that we are asking for £100m which I’m sure Madrid will pay.
  3. You are contadicting yourself. Pep and Zidane were given amazing squads. Do you really believe that if we gave Lamps/Morris this squad (with the transfer ban coming in) that they can be successful? I’d be happy with Pep but he wouldn’t come near us.
  4. They (Lamps, Morris etc) have no experience. You are talking as if it is so easy to just start playing the young players and everything will be OK. Most of the fans can’t be patient with a new manager for 1 year.
  5. Who would you have rather in charge? We’re not going to have world class managers queuing outside the club’s door.
  6. Anyone thinks this is a valid point? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/765059/Chelsea-news-Eden-Hazard-Real-Madrid-Zinedine-Zidane-PSG-Kylian-Mbappe-ESPN
  7. If the ban is not lifted and we are not able to sign anyone in the summer, I would argue that we should keep him for 1 more year and let him leave on free transfer. There is a small chance that Real might not go for Hazard and go for someone like Neymar or Mbappe (or both)
  8. If Sarri was so adamant that he wanted to substitute Kepa, why didnt he do it after the final whistle (before the penalties). The fact that he kept him on makes me think it could have been a misunderstanding.
  9. We won’t be selling CHO I dont think. Likely to run down his contract and let him leave on free if he doesn’t want to sign a new contract. Hazard is leaving for sure so I can’t see us letting both Hazard and CHO leave
  10. Spuds hasnt signed anyone for 2 windows. If we can make use of our young players, not too bothered to be honest. Realistically we’ll appeal and have the summer window to buy a few players. It’ll also probably go down to a 1 window ban.

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