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  1. It makes sense. Tammy can learn a lot from him and he’s quality! What’s the point in paying £50m+ for a striker when we have Tammy?
  2. ekimozturk


    Jezz - thanks for this, great post!
  3. Good analysis from Pat Nevin on Reece James. Watch the video is halfway down the page. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/01/14/how-high-can-reece-james-reach--pat-nevin-predicts-future-for-yo
  4. I’m surprised to read that we’ve made such a huge loss last year considering the transfer ban. I know we spent a lot on Kepa, Pulisic etc but still wasn’t expecting this... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11898901/chelsea-announce-96-6m-loss-in-latest-financial-results
  5. Don’t want to sound negative but I’m not sure of he’ll ever be the same player after his injury...
  6. PSG have been interested in him for some time. It wouldn’t surprise me if he left on a free transfer this summer.
  7. I can’t understand how you would lose that speed and agility if his achilles tendon is heeled. There’s got to be a psychological reason for such a big change
  8. If his injury has had such a big impact on his confidence, speed etc at 18 (and the recovery was fairly speedy) I dread to think what will happen to RLC! Not sure if he’ll ever be the same player again 😞
  9. Much better today. Still would like him to take on defenders more.
  10. Much better today. Still would like him to take on defenders more.
  11. Has James been injured? He hasn’t been in the squad the last 2 games.
  12. He Scored against AC Milan today. Atalanta had the chance to sign him for £15m at the start of the season. They probably wish they had taken up on that offer!
  13. He seems to be doing well in Atalanta, particularly in the CL!
  14. I’d be keen to see the exact wording that Corbyn used that reflects this. Are you able to share where you read/listened/watched this?
  15. I think it’s too early to say if his decline is physical or mental (or both). He doesn’t seem to have the same level of confidence in his game and definitely does not run at defenders as much. I hope, because of his age’ he’ll improve in time. I’ve looked up some players who had the same injury (e.g. Beckham, Barnes etc) and none of them were the same players they used to be after their injuries, although they were much older than Callum when they had their injuries. I’m sure Lamps and his team will be keeping a close eye on him and how best to support him! I’m actually more worried about RLC!

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