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  1. I’ve been reading very positive reviews about this boy for his achievements so far at Charlton (4 goals and 2 assists). He could be the one to watch out when he gets back from loan next season.l!
  2. Any idea who these boys are? To Roman’s left I reckon that’s Abraham. Solanke on the other side. Not sure who the other boy is.
  3. If Lampard thought he needed him there is no way we would have agreed to sell him so we need to trust Lampard’s decision. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave if he he’s been told he’ll be first choice at arsenal. Remember Emery managed him at PSG. All the best to him for what he’s given us in the past few years, no hard feelings from me!
  4. Thanks for this insight. Please give him our regards from theshedend.com
  5. He has no excuse not to sign now. I could see his point before xmas when Sarri wasn’t playing him but he’s alienating himself from the fans by not signing an extension especially when Frank has confirmed that he wants him to stat. The least he can do is to confirm that he’s not going to sign and the club can make a decision. £45m being quoted if true is not a bad amount of money for an 18 year old who has 1 yr left in his contract.
  6. Chelsea confirm Ruben Loftus-Cheek to have surgery on ruptured Achilles. Ouch!
  7. Do you think he will fully recover? I guess him being so young is a big advantage
  8. Average RTP Ruptured Achilles - 219 days Yarmolenko - 184* Bravo - 245* Koscielny 207 days Leroy Fer 189 days Nathan Dyer - 222 days (*current.... and counting) If confirmed, Hudson-Odoi will miss the start of 2019/20. Tweeted by Ben Dinnery
  9. I find it disrespectful that he’s looking to abandon Chelsea, the team that has given him everything to get to this point. He’s getting plenty of minutes at his age and he’ll get even more next year. We haven’t built the academy to bring players up only then having to sell them at 18. The club have pretty much told him that he’s the future of Chelsea. People don’t seem to realise that he is defensively not ready and is not consistent in games which is normal if you are 18. He development is ongoing. I wish we had someone like JT or Lamps in the team to give some mentorship and guidance. As a last option offer him the no 10 shirt which is what bayern have done and see if that changes his mind. Otherwise keep him next year as we are not able to buy anyone due to the travel ban and let him leave on free.
  10. The only way he would have stayed is if Madrid wasn’t interested and everyone knows they are. I’ve read in a few places that we are asking for £100m which I’m sure Madrid will pay.
  11. You are contadicting yourself. Pep and Zidane were given amazing squads. Do you really believe that if we gave Lamps/Morris this squad (with the transfer ban coming in) that they can be successful? I’d be happy with Pep but he wouldn’t come near us.
  12. They (Lamps, Morris etc) have no experience. You are talking as if it is so easy to just start playing the young players and everything will be OK. Most of the fans can’t be patient with a new manager for 1 year.
  13. Who would you have rather in charge? We’re not going to have world class managers queuing outside the club’s door.

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