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  1. I can bet you UEFA will try to reinforce FFP by changing some of the rules but it will still be a load of sh*t
  2. So as long as you don’t get caught for 5 years you can get away with breaking the rules it seems
  3. I was f**king fuming right after the match, some of our players clearly don’t give a sh*t, I’m saying that I think Lampard ballsed up today with his starting XI. He’ll learn from this for sure but this was costly. I think we’ve f**ked top 4 now.
  4. It’s absolute bollocks that, FFP is pointless then
  5. You’d think we’d lean though, 09-10, 14-15 & 16-17 the title defences the year after we’re because we didn’t fix our problems in the transfer window. Heck even 07-08 after 06-07 failing to win back the title if we’d made the right moves in the transfer window in 2007 we could have easily taken the title in 2008. We really could have more league titles if we’d been more ambitious in the seasons following those.
  6. Totally agreed, I’ve noticed when he’s commentated on our games how he’s been very biased against us.
  7. I think what’s most frustrating is if we’d sorted out our problems in the Summer we likely would have retained the title in 15-16. I think we f**ked our selves in Pre season going to the States aswell. Should have stayed more locally like we did the previous year.
  8. The Suns linking Zouma with Spurs, why would we sell our only decent Cb to Spurs??!
  9. I saw this earlier so funny Think in a way it also tells a story about Conte & Costa’s relationship, can imagine Conte while pretending to ignore Costa was likely seething inside.
  10. Yeah that was mightily impressive, I remember I was nervous AF prior to the game and then we scored after what like 4 minutes & I just relaxed and enjoyed it.
  11. Come on we all know the league didn’t start until 1992 😜 You know I think if we took just the year 2005 on the whole was probably our best. I think Conte was incredibly fortunate myself, we went on that brilliant run wat was it 13 games? No one figured out our system but I think the FA Cup final exposed us and the following season that system died. Also that Spurs game we didn’t perform, Spurs weren’t good in that game so much as we were poor. While I’ll agree it was probably most impressive cause we weren’t really expected to win it plus City has gotten Guardiola, Jose he gone to United etc infact we probably wouldn’t have even been 3rd choice to win it that season. I think it was a flash in the pan. Where Jose’s team went on to retain the title and dominate for longer. Also I do agree other managers could have brought us success in this site he seasons but that first season under Jose when we became the best team in Europe imo. I don’t know if anyone could have made us that good that season as Jose did.
  12. Problem for me with Conte’s team was he had no adaptability beyond the formation that worked. Take the Spurs away game which we lost and then the FA Cup final. I believe especially in the FA cup final under our previous managers we’d have ground a win out there. It fell apart the season after too.
  13. 2004/05 - Manager Jose Mourinho 2005/06 - Manager Jose Mourinho 2009/10 - Manager Carlo Ancelotti 2014/15 - Manager Jose Mourinho 2016/17 - Manager Antonio Conte So this is more a three part question, which team do you think was the best, which one was your favourite and do you think any of these teams would win the league now? For me I think our best team was 2004/05 but my favourite was 2009/10, which I think was more down to how exciting that season was and the football we were playing. I do think the 04/05 team would walk the league now in all honesty. That team did it in a season where Arsenal were coming off an unbetwen title winning season & a United Team that had just signed Wayne Rooney.
  14. I think most if not all would take a double over only winning the title and going unbeaten in the league. For me I want as many trophies as possible.
  15. Well that first half got a lot better after I complained haha
  16. This game is awful so far, I feel like some of our lads aren’t thinking about what’s at stake here
  17. I’m pretty sure it would likely just take one of the teams who has to qualify and make them automatic.
  18. Thing is they can still be bantered anyway cause Gerard still f**king slipped 🤣
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