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  1. Good point mate, hopefully it’s what gets us out next 3 wins
  2. I f**king hate Leeds United, their fans are absolute cnuts. Hope it’s a one season stay for them.
  3. What a f**king win folks! We were fantastic today, the goals were a little fortunate (thanks De Gea) but they were deserved. We have to beat Arsenal in the final, twice in the FA Cup final we have lost to them we owe them one. Does everyone think we should stick with this formation now for the rest of the season?
  4. God I f**king hate Leeds United fans, hope it’s a one season return for them with relegation to come. What a sh*t season the double of Liverpool winning the PL and Leeds United promoted to the PL is unbearable.
  5. I see your point, I just think he needs regular football
  6. Honestly I’d loan him out next season and keep Giroud. I think he needs the experience and to learn how to make runs etc.
  7. For me this guys gonna go down as a cult hero for us, some big moments for our club. That goal against Southampton is one of my favourite goals ever and the EL final goal was great too, plus the other goals he scored on the way. He should have done better let’s might but he got the decisive goal and that’s all that matters really.
  8. True but they always raise their game for us
  9. I wouldn’t bank on Palace getting anything against United they’ve been sh*t
  10. Yeah for me it’s not an either or thing, we should push for both
  11. This was a match coming off the back of a 3-0 defeat the points was the important thing. Next season we have several players coming in that will improve us, how we achieve top 4 given there are so few games left us irrelevant.
  12. Awful game but I’ll take it after Saturday, points was most important here
  13. Been an awful game but if it ends 1-0 I’ll be happy as the points are what’s important
  14. We’re not making runs, we’re not moving the ball at pace it’s literally like the players can’t be arsed
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