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  1. If anyone has BT Sport on the App they have highlights of all the FA Cup finals from 1989-2018 (bar 1996 for some weird reason).
  2. Arsenal for sure, they thought they were going to dominate for a period after their “Invincibles” season and I reckon they likely would haven won the league again in 04-05 had we not emerged. Liverpool are another club, I think they were threatened by us. Yeah they may have more trophies than us overall but their recent “history” isn’t amazing. Whereas we have gone from trophy to trophy. Spurs somehow think they’re bigger than us and think they’ve had a period of success under Pochettino but fact was he won F all. Closet they came to anything were the two finals they reached under him and both of those were 2-0 losses.
  3. Man U are without an away win in 10, I think Ole will be gone in the next fortnight
  4. Why the hell are we selling to a direct rival for top 4? Arsenal we know you're competing with us for Champions League places but go on take our most experienced defender 🤦‍♂️
  5. I was so shocked I literally just sat there with my mouth open.
  6. You’ve got me thinking, the lack of parade. Why don’t the club do like an open day for the fans with the trophy. I remember in Rugby League teams would do that after winning the Grand Final.
  7. Thing is if we don’t get an answer before the window closes then what’s the point?
  8. Ah I didn’t start watching footy until 1994 and not properly until late 96 so that’s why I don’t know who they are haha
  9. Can’t help thinking this guy would have been perfect for us.
  10. Haha I still sometimes call the league cup the Coca Cola Cup so I can’t talk ?
  11. It’s just hilarious that chant now, what makes me laugh more though is that there are genuine football fans who think history is only winning trophies. It’s really pathetic.
  12. I completely agree with this. I think we’ll have to face its gonna take a few years before we can even think it challenging for the title/CL honours. Heck we may even still win cups in the meantime. I actually think our ability to keep on winning silverware is often overlooked and sometimes even by our own fans is taken for granted.
  13. Something that is nice is that Emery a good loser. He wasn’t complaining like Wenger would have after the match.
  14. Fabregas is definitely one of us now. He couldn’t stop smiling in the studio after the match.
  15. Best of luck to him in Madrid, I’ve had my issues with him over the years but he’s one of our greatest of all-time for us for sure. He was fantastic last night, MOTM performance.
  16. Absolutely buzzing after the match, first half was dross but second half was a master class from us. Arsenal had their chances but we could have scored 6-7. For me the 5 standouts were Christensen, Kovacic, Pedro, Hazard and Giroud. Best of luck in Madrid to Eden, he was superb tonight and I know I’ve had my issues with him at times but he’s been a class player for us and the best In the PL right now. Lastly F you UEFA for your treatment of the fans.
  17. Im happy for him to stay as a back up option. He gives more for the team than Morata ever did and that Higuain does.
  18. Just enjoy the happy memories. I’ve seen so many people in a depression after City’s treble. Look we’ve had a ton of success since Roman took over, let’s remember it fondly and not turn bitter like the Scousers.
  19. I just hope the players think like that cause I worry they wont and a lack of motivation will be what costs us.
  20. It’s very rare we’ve been motivated this season. The two times we played Arsenal aswell we weren’t exactly outstanding. We were quite lucky at the Bridge and dogs*** at the Emirates.
  21. I am mate don’t think we’re gonna win. Will still be watching though in the hopes that I’m wrong.
  22. I was coming to ask the same thing. Window is open now.
  23. I think they just failed to balance the two. They wanted the safety net of top four but also wanted the EL. But having your eyes on two different things usually doesn’t work.
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