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  1. Where has this City been all season? They couldn't have been on it like this all season and stop Liverpool could they.
  2. A massive win, we couldn’t have afforded to drop points in this one. I think if we best City later this week we’ll be Top 4 for sure.
  3. That’s my worry tbh although this was a good weekend for us. I think if we beat City though were looking really strong.
  4. I thought Arsenal could still have a chance at top 4 but no f**king way now
  5. I wouldn’t be shocked if Arsenal won, given how everyone’s been writing them off all week
  6. I’ll be honest I’ve lost all interest in this season
  7. Probably our best performance in a European final tbh, all the other Finals we won were tight.
  8. Yeah I remember seeing him interviewed in Chelsea Fans Channel years ago and he came across well. Now it’s like he hates a Chelsea, constantly accusing fans of racism and he even had a sly dig at John Terry saying something like at best he’d won half a Champions League.
  9. I’ve started doing a video cast with my mates who support Arsenal & Liverpool, our latest is on how they should end the season Ignore my ugly mug 😂
  10. It seems like he’s making excuses, but some of the excuses are valid I guess. I have to admit though letting Ramsay go was bloody weird, he was playing really well for them. Guess it showed how tight they are as a club with their money.
  11. I miss the Adidas kits with the Samsung logo
  12. It was way too soon and Boris F’d up by not making things clearer. Honestly at this point F the football returning.
  13. I’ve ordered this, anyone seen it and is it any good? Is it a documentary or just highlights of matches?
  14. Seen the R number is creeping up as well, a second wave is coming. Football isn’t important, if people are desperate there’s classic football on TV and various apps etc. End the season.
  15. Do you reckon it’s definitely gonna get cancelled?
  16. Oh I know mate. I think that’s more likely them deluding themselves. Reality is they lost their heads even though they were winning 0-2. No wonder they’re always the bridesmaids haha
  17. Oh man what a moment we ended their hopes. Spuds fans annoy me when they say they should have won the league. Really disrespectful to Leicester and aren’t I right in thinking even if beat is they weren’t gonna go above Leicester? Then to top it all off they finished 3rd haha
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