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  1. Clearly talented but has a ways to go in learning how to use that talent. He is bit irresponsible with the ball and some the things he is trying to do under pressure. He has to learn to take what's there and keep the special stuff for the rights moments. Yes he can shield the ball well but too often he exposes the ball to the defender and has it stripped similar to Bakayoko. With more playing time he can refine all that and become a Patrick Vieira type player.
  2. Mourinho the first time around should not have been fired. The team needed a re-fresh. How do you fire a manager who had just won you 2 league titles back to back. Mourinho should have been given time to re-shape the squad. You mention Scolari and AVB but you fail to mention Ancellotti who was sacked in the tunnel at Everton. Chelsea is not an environment for any manager to come in and feel comfortable implementing a system, re-shaping a squad and using the club's young talent. These managers come in and have to bring results instantly and have no rope when changes are required and the performance dips.
  3. I actually think the fans are willing to be patient. I think it's the club and board that are not willing to show patience which reflects on the opinions of the Chelsea fans. If the club was willing to support Conte through the re-tool of the squad and had given him some public support rather than constantly kicking the tires on other managers most Chelsea fans would have been OK being out of CL for this year while bringing along some young players next season and adding outside talent. Unfortunately that is never afforded to a Chelsea manager.
  4. He wasn't saying Luis was being benched as a result of being friends with Costa. He was saying Luiz was acting up because Conte got rid of his friend Costa. Could be true, who knows.
  5. I liked Emerson. He is smooth on the ball, quick first steps and has a very purposeful cross. When he gets rolling I think he will have a lot to offer. I can see how fans would get on Conte for not getting him in the team earlier but I also understand why. When you have a team that is not performing and every match in your schedule has serious implications you tend to go with the players who have been consistently good for you. Conte knows that M.Alonso has been a solid player all year and to be fair, most of the times Conte has relied on a depth player to fill a role in our starting 11 it has not gone well. See Zappacosta and Bakayoko against Watford. Cost us the game and critical points. Anyway, point is I think Emerson will be a good addition and I liked the signing despite missing out on better targets for LWB. Also, I don't agree with the statement that Alonso has struggled this season. He has been good, but, has had a few poor moments. Outside of those he has been reliable and has chipped in with goals and key passes.
  6. I haven't said anything smug or condescending and yes those are obviously my opinions and not fact as no one has a list of Conte's targets.
  7. So he has one bad game and fans go into meltdown. Similar reaction to Conte right now. Just have no patience or desire to analyze the whole of the situation and would just rather do the easy thing and pin it on the manager. Conte is the perfect Chelsea manager and if he gets a few of HIS signings this summer he would have the ability to win the double next season.
  8. Drinkwater has been given opportunities when he was healthy. And he did nothing with them. He was average at best and provided no particular quality to the team. You're exactly right, the board couldn't have known that Baka would fail this badly but they took a huge risk on a young player and in the process (with their stupid transfer policy) sold Matic who was a proven player to our rivals. You think Conte had anything to do with that mess? How is having more options available at CM more important than having better options available? The board downgraded arguably the most important position on the pitch and asked Conte to make miracles happen. Conte wanted guys like Vidal, Nainggolan, Veratti if he was losing Matic, not a kid who happened to have a great season. In itself, I personally have no issue with the Bakayoko signing, I have a major issue with pretending he could replace Matic and Fabregas as the main partner to Kante. Who were Conte's other targets? Koulibaly, Alex Sandro, Sergio Roberto, Bonucci, Belotti, Oxlade-Chamberlain etc. Board didn't get him even one of his top guys. Morata probably was a Conte target but not ahead of Lukaku and Belotti.
  9. It doesn't matter who it is. We have a run down squad of players. That means you will get mixed results and you'll lose previously winnable games. Last season Conte could bring Fabregas off the bench or Matic off the bench. This season he has had to rely on Fabregas all year. He was not meant to be that player for Chelsea at this point. Pretty sure our best striker was injured for several games also.
  10. But the Conte haters will have you believing he's a cardboard cutout on the sideline and has been sabotaging the season and simply pouting day in and day out while not doing his job!?
  11. Ya you stated a fact... and lost the argument because of it.
  12. Great now compare that with the players top teams buy and see how it looks.
  13. Maybe no one was saying those buys were sh*t but were you saying we were better with Morata and Bakayoko than Costa and Matic?
  14. You use the term international players quite liberally.. Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Emerson, Caballero, Bakayoko barely feature for their countries. Morata is the only one who has significant stats with his national team and even his participation with Spain is not guaranteed.
  15. All I am going to add to this is that those who like to argue that "Conte has given up and is just moping around on the sideline" can just completely give up on that argument. He was visibly emotional and clearly driving the players throughout the game. He was even nipping at the 4th official and the ref. Conte obviously wants to win so that argument is dead.

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