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  1. Despite usually looking impressive in a Chelsea shirt his loan performances have looked off putting to be fair.
  2. Personally if I bought this for PC and was a big fan of MMO's I would be disappointed. It's not in the same class as the likes of AION or Star Wars Galaxies in its prime etc. But for console I think it really fits the bill, I mainly play these sorts of games for PVP anyway. The whole levelling system is pretty easy until you reach the higher ranks but nothing is majorly off putting about the game for me. I think it's very good, it wouldn't be a success on consoles if it shared the usual MMO combat systems, they've based the combat system off the elder scrolls games as much as they can. I think they've done a good job on it. I enjoy the game quite honestly, great if you're a console gamer but if you're a PC gamer and like MMO's then no, because there are much better ones out there.
  3. Anybody else play Elder Scrolls Online on the console? I think the whole idea of MMO's on consoles is very good, finding it really enjoyable.
  4. Watched first episode of Mr Robot, it was excellent but then I found it was a leaked episode and the season doesn't start until the 24th. Going to be a long wait.
  5. I thought he said he got Half Life 3, about to get excited.
  6. Sports Direct has ruined my life on the PS4, thought once University is done with I go have my luxury weekends but noooooo.... I always get called in on my weekend off, I blame Mike Ashley the fat prick, no excuses to say 'no' when it's your time off.
  7. Finally managed to get myself a PS4, just got 4 games for it so far, FIFA, Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat and GTA 5. Played some of the Witcher this morning, very good, I love the combat!
  8. It has got to the point where I don't blame Sky, I don't blame any football teams, I blame the F.A. They did this, they never make consistent decisions, they only make a decision when it is a big talking point just to calm down the masses. F.A. is the biggest culprit in all this bollocks, to why so many players get away with it and some don't. They gave the media that power, if you want to point the finger look no further than the F.A. But by all means yes Jamie Redknapp can also f**k off.
  9. I don't believe in the conspiracy theories but you can't deny that Costa's suspension was media driven. Sky's reaction to it was shocking because it was against Liverpool their gloryful team. Remember when Toure slapped and kicked Mata? Not many people do because no one ever mentions it, Sky didn't even bother to mention it themselves, you're telling me if Costa did that against any side he wouldn't be thrown under the bus? Very unlikely.
  10. That season was easily the most boring season in football when it came to the Premier League. I believe United managed to win it that season despite winning only 4 away games or something.
  11. It will be almost as hard to replace him as it would be Hazard. No player has that organisation and leadership that he has right now. I don't even think Kurt is that type of player, Kurt is more technical and even though he will turn out to be a top centre back, even better than Cahill I think he will always be mistake prone. As for JT he will be very hard to replace, not sure where we can even start to look for his replacement I really don't.
  12. Cesc is nowhere near the twat he was at Arsenal, at Arsenal he used to always say sh*te about other teams and whinge and complain on the field. His bust ups with Lampard were annoying also, I believe he also spat at Michael Ballack also, and then the celery incident. I haven't seen that behavior here from him once, he seems calm and content most of the time, isn't a complainer, gets back up and gets on with it. Hasn't said a bad word about anyone either he has remained humble in every press conference yet when he used to be a snide prick at Arsenal. Either he matured more at and was similar at Barca or Mourinho has been a good influence on him, maybe both. I like the bloke now though and not only because he is a Chelsea player he seems a different person, he has gotten that stupid Arsenal pretty boy whinger out of his system.
  13. I thought you were Phil_Driver from talkchelsea. You guys had the exact same avatar, however you don't seem to hate Mikel like he did.
  14. He has been good this year though, he was average from September to December, I have no idea why Schurrle got such little game time. But since 2015 Willian has put in decent performances as well as quality ones, can't really fault him. Put some faith into Cuadrado, lets see how he turns out next season, maybe he can show something before the season finishes give us some more hope. But if he is an ideal rotation option then I don't think we will have any troubling issues on the right side. I still think we will regret not playing Schurrle when we did though, maybe he might of left anyway but we had a match winner in that one, I'm just hoping Cuadrado does turn out to be that winger with end product that we need.
  15. PSG was just lazy journalism, he doesn't have interest in going back to that league, he never will either. He's ambitious, he isn't in it or the money. When he wanted to move to the Premier League he wanted to use it as a stepping stone (unfortunately yes, he wants to move on to Madrid, although that was said a while ago) he was first wanting to go to Spurs when they were to be in the Champions League since he would have gotten the game time. He didn't want United because of their philosophy at the time and he didn't want City because of the contention. At the time he chose us the only real winger we had was Marko Marin, it was the perfect fit for him, I don't think he chose us just because we won the Champions League. I just hope he has fallen in love with us and wants to stay, but I wouldn't bank on it to be honest, if he wants to go to Madrid we can't keep him. I wouldn't accept in large big what comes our way but we should if he wants to leave. Fingers crossed he doesn't want too.
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