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  1. Well it depends on how creative the accounting is but fundamentally its related to income - and that can accrue from year to year. Chelsea could probably fund a £100m NET spend in any normal year - a year with no spend should give enough twice that net,
  2. Exactly - Pedro and possibly Willian gone next summer. Of course the club may go large in the market next summer as well and they are going to have a BIG budget
  3. Very early days for Pulisic - No need for any concern, he really has all the goods to be a big star. Because he went to Dortmund he got into 1st team action very early, as you can in that league so at just 21 he's got quite a bit of experience at a high level. In some ways he's been a little unfortunate in his timing, arriving just as Chelsea have, owing to several factors coming together at the same time, finally given our very talented bunch of kids a fair go. They are an outstanding group of young players all around CPs own age and Lampard has for the moment favoured them a little ahead of Pulisic but that is not something to be too worried about. There's a load of games to play and he looks likely to be at worst first change and he'll get plenty of starts. Chelsea's group of attacking midfielders is pretty strong now, Hazard has gone but Mount,CHO,Willian,Pedro and Pulisic and not forgetting Ruben Loftus Cheek is some roster and only 3 at most can play at one time.
  4. Welcome to The Shed End Dblue :)

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