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  1. They were worth many hundreds until a certain company started encouraging Fila to make cheap replicas in every colour under the sun. I ended up selling my collection off for peanuts for that very reason. You can still tell an original from a mile off mind you 😉
  2. I know what you mean, I had a great collection of old Ellesse, Fila and Sergio but unless it's a decent fit a tracktop doesn't look great on a 50 plus year old. I sold most of mine a while back just kept three sergio dallas (all three shades of blue) and a capomaster (blue with white stripe and collar. Plus an old ellesse which stays at my mums for when im over in the UK. Only occasional wear these days but still love them.
  3. Bit like this one of Fillery, never wore it in a proper match
  4. I don't get across much these days living abroad but when I do i meet my mates either in the North End Rd or Lillie Rd so come out of west Brompton and walk right past it. It's funny how a building can make you feel so nostalgic
  5. In the case of Malouda he replaced Arjen Robben but was a different kind of player (less explosive ) so that contributed to him being under valued. He had a great season when we won the double i remember
  6. Interesting to see how far back that terracing went, that bit behind the floodlight base and the hut was well overgrown by then. I know some people were allowed to stand there (in that section) for the Boro playoff game
  7. One of my favourite old stamford bridge photos...the old scoreboard, north stand terraces, great old umbro kit and the Empress Building looming over proceedings (spent many a moment staring up at that mysterious blue and white building wondering what it was...I now know it was a police intelligence headquarters....wernt keeping much of an eye on Stamford Bridge at that time that's for sure....
  8. Just Love this photo, it instantly transports me back in time to my early years of coming to the bridge. Newcastle to be fair were probably the most consitent away support numbers wise from outside the capital
  9. Bobby Isaac in the back row, Keith Jones and Dublin in there too.
  10. Same here though I do remember Chelsea 1 Everton 1 coming through on teletext the season before which confirmed our relegation ? Also watched the Leeds V Bayern European Cup Final,on TV, went to my first live matches the following season first a game at Selhurst as my dad supported Palace then at Christmas my first glimpse of Chelsea at Orient (1-3) had turned 7 in the August.
  11. I was one of them, interesting to see Millwall V Charlton also attracted a large crowd of 20000 and 30000 at Bolton as well. In fact some pretty healthy crowds all round. Back then going to football at Christmas really was the done thing.
  12. Lokked on the excellent Bounder Friardale site and found a 61000 V spurs in 70/71
  13. One of my favourite photos this that mighty away support packing the homesdale
  14. I know him fairly well and yes not far away from Bromley

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