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  1. Was at those three games too, think we were in the same car up to Sheffield. We were awful in both games, Townsend who had been so good V Spurs who had been so good V spurs was invisible. At home He was so Arsenal back then old Cesc...he had manned up by the time we bought him
  2. We did love a broken crossbar back in the day 🙂
  3. Think you mean David Webb, he's doing that holding a pint pose again 🙂
  4. what a great read that was and so true about peoples personal recollections of matches. I had a similar thing with the infamous Charlton away game in 77 where I swore blind I had seen a Chelsea goal dissallowed due to a fan keeping the ball in play. No one I had spoken to remembered it for years and years and i had started to think perhaps I had imagined it. It wasnt in any of the old paper reports and sadly I had never asked my dad who passed away a few years back and was on that massive east terrace next to me. Then at a recent family funeral my cousin reminded me that he was also there with us and indeed a Chelsea goal had been chalked off for the reasons I had thought. He also said it was the most violent football match he had been to in 50 years of going. He and my dad had gone to the North London derby a few days after where the Ys had attacked the North Bank as well. Different times eh...
  5. I had exactly that uniform, Stan Smiths bought on our school french trip at the cost of no ice creams or sweets for the time i was there, the adidas jacket had a sort of padded red lining, there were some with light and navy blue about but most had this colourway. And Farahs were a must for school and getting into clubs/soul dos
  6. That's a good day/night out Soul Affair at the Burlington, went two or three times with some of my Chelsea mates a few years back. If you're a regular you would probably recognise them.
  7. Still got one of these somewhere, not sure it still fits mind you 🙂
  8. Great thread this, as an old 80s soul boy/casual who happened to go to Chelsea as well I remember all of the clothes and trainers mentioned. It was a youth movement which the media vwas absolutely clueless about and it has allowed a lot of rubbish to be published about it in recent years. One myth is that scousers invented'' casual...well that just isnt true, therre were two looks for starters...1- the tennis brands (Fila, tacchini, ellesse etc) with bleached jeans and trainers and then there was 2-The soulboy casual look, Golf Jumpers farahs rollnecks worn with loafers for going out to clubs and discos and with bleached and frayed lois with trainers for football. The scousers may well have popularised the 1st look that is true but the 2nd look probably pre dated it springing up originally from the soul crowd and before that the black lads who were involved with soundsystem battles etc and already wore elements of it (slacks and Gabicci knits). There was a short time perhaps less than a football season when the two looks overlapped in London then it all moved on again with London lads moving on to more expensive gear like Armani, burberry aquascutum jaeger etc...than after a while the paninaro look crept in and it was all timberlands, chipie C17 and Best Company etc but what most people seem to regard as casual (look number 1) was over and done in London well before 1985. You can see it in the photos of that era that the look number 2 lasted far longer but as mentioned mutated into something else eventually. Being over 50 it's hard to get away with tracktops these days but the polo /shirt/smart jumper with jeans and smart trainers is pretty enduring...viva la casuals...
  9. They were worth many hundreds until a certain company started encouraging Fila to make cheap replicas in every colour under the sun. I ended up selling my collection off for peanuts for that very reason. You can still tell an original from a mile off mind you 😉
  10. I know what you mean, I had a great collection of old Ellesse, Fila and Sergio but unless it's a decent fit a tracktop doesn't look great on a 50 plus year old. I sold most of mine a while back just kept three sergio dallas (all three shades of blue) and a capomaster (blue with white stripe and collar. Plus an old ellesse which stays at my mums for when im over in the UK. Only occasional wear these days but still love them.
  11. Bit like this one of Fillery, never wore it in a proper match

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