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  1. That's right they were, it's funny Burgundy not a colour i ever wear nowdays, bit too West Ham
  2. Found the photo....Im also in one of the photos of the Boro riot looking in totally the wrong direction while everyone else is screaming at the copper at the gate...not very photogenic me lol F
  3. To be fair to him yes he did, usually it was a kit, first one was the 75-77 umbro kit and last one the first le coq sportif kit. And to be fair I would always get taken to a scattering of Chelsea matches each season which during the crap years wasn't bad going.
  4. Great day that was, I was there, in fact I was at every Palace/Chelsea game in the 80s. I'd been boring my old man for weeks about Pat Nevin (dad was Palace) and actually he had quite a quiet game that day as Henry Hughton was kicking lumps out of him. Then suddenly he picked up the ball and went on a run past 3palace players including Hughton. Then a few minutes later he popped up with the winner...the old man gave a look that said...dont you dare say it 🙂 Im in a photo of this game in front of a Chelsea union jack but managed to ruin it as i was scratching my head with a programme at the time.
  5. Im guessing late 80s because I dont remember the zigger zagger chant being used much around that time
  6. I went across to Barcelona for the first leg on one of those package things with flights, hotel and tickets sat right behind the goal on the bottom tier. All the goals were up the other end but i had a great view of the red card incident, I though Valdez made a real meal of it getting Drogba sent off. I actually didnt see much of the second leg live, I was working up near Manchester that day and hadnt bought a ticket for that reason. Unfortunately I didnt leave Manchester until 6 o clock and was forced to put up with listening to the first half on the radio. Having broken several speed limits i got back home just in time for the last half hour, so never really got the same feeling as having seen it all unfold as it happened. I remember the complaints re our winning goal which in hindsight might have been well founded...good old Carvalho
  7. Lol, he could be frustrating at times. Was still my favourite player at the time nevertheless
  8. Top bloke is Rob, still has a season ticket at the Bridge. Was drinking with him before and after the semi final last season.
  9. Absolutely, given that my dad was a Palace fan, that game was always a gimme or at least the away game, then in a good season 2 or 3 other matches.
  10. I was at that one, 83/84 was one of the last season i had to rely on my dad taking me to matches so I sadly only made this and Palace away that season. Of course i saw the televised games and poured over match reports in the papers as you did in those days so I feel like i was at many of the games even if i wasnt
  11. Nice call, Ok I'm raising that with a Dreamin'Greg Henderson
  12. I'd have What I've got is what you need by Unique in there too
  13. I'll kick it off with KC and the Sunshine Band Give It Up. I clearly remember the words being changed to Chelsea's going up going up Chelsea's going up towards the end of the season
  14. I was in the shed for that one, Im sure there was a stat that if rush scored they always won...well he did and they didnt..

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