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Arnesen has visited Moscow


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On Sunday Arnesen was noticed at the VIP sector in Ramenskoe (outskirts of Moscow), observing the opening of Russian season, where Saturn hosted CSKA.

Officially, Arnesen was in Russia for many reasons, including visiting our best youth academy in Samara and few other games.

But, for sure, his main task was to watch Zhirkov and Zdagoev, who both have played 90 min. Dzagoev managed to score an beautiful goal by the way, putting the ball under the cross of the woodwork and the post, which, I guess, has added 0.5 mln euro to his transfer value. ;)

Now I,m getting assured Chelsea, at least, will be involved in the chase for one or maybe both named CSKA players in Summer.

Let it be so!

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True. Where a u from Abra?

The whole story is to be posted in a few hours...

So, first of all, let me tell you and Abramovich should confirms, that 'The Sport Express' and 'The Soviet Sport' are two the most popular and famous daily football newspapers in Russia, the difference between them, for me, is that the first one is more professional and 2nd one is more humor one (it likes to include photos and pictures in their articles and try to entertain), but both of them never write bull-s*it, or in case of posting the information from an unconfirmed source, they warn their readers. That why I like them both.

That was written in an attempt to convince you that information about Arnesen is not a kind of information you could read in `The Mirror` or `The Daily Mail`

So, about Arnesen:

It seems he was present in Russia from the beginning of previous week and officially ,as I`ve said before, to visit our best youth academy in Samara (where the meeting of Russian football Heads has taken place ) and to watch some other youth games.

But, of course, in order not to flight twice he had an opportunity to visit some senior games and ,of course, has used it.

On Thursday he was noticed at Luzhniki, where CSKA hosted Shakhtar in 1/8 Euro Cup tie. Dzagoev, obviously, had a poor game.

Later, on Saturday, he was present at Luzhniki again, watching Spartak - Zenit and on Sunday he visited Saturn - CSKA, as I`ve already written about that.

It`s a story very similar to God`s creature of the world in seven days, no? :D

I think he had no intention to talk with Russian press leaving Luzhniki, but, for sure, such a famous person has no chance to stay unspotted. The summary of his short interview to Soviet sport is: "I`m here for many reasons, concerning development of youth football department. I was invited for opening of Russian football season. I`ve watched 8 games recently, including some youth games, and not only this one. I`d prefer not to tell any names...." and so on, and so on.....

About Russian players:

What Arsenen could have watched on last week.....Of course, Zhirkov. And that`s the person many clubs have interest in, no doubts.

He has the consistiency, among his best qualities, and please tell me what can be better than that?

Should he join Chelsea or Juventus or some other club one thing is for sure CSKA will start their next CL campaign without Zhirkov.

I`m very positive here, this move is a great achievement both for Zhirkov and CSKA and for Russian football as well.

Dzagoev? I doubt he should move at all. Currently we`ve resources which let our young players to grow in a domestic competitions.

CSKA is a regular guest at CL party. For me, he`s not ready to move and Arsenen could have became assured of that, watching him in a game against Shakhtar, where Dzagoev wasn`t shining, diplomatically speaking.

So, as for me, I believe it`d be better for him to stay.

Abramovich, talking about Danny and Pogrebnyak I doubt Chelsea is interested.

Pogrebnyak was in a great run of form before Euro, scoring 10 goals in Euro cup and it was he who should amaze at Euro, but he was injured in a friendly before Euro and has missed the Event.

Currently Pogrebnyak has no quality which, for example, Wagner has. He has middle ages for the footballer, but not in-form right now, thoung his 30 meters fireball from a set-peice was amazing indeed.

And, honestly, in presence he`s miles away from Drogba on his best form.

But Wagner is the striker who could interests Chelsea, scored 30 goals in last season and keep doing it in the current one on a constant basis.

Danny was a Dinamo Moscow leader, he shouldn`t left Dinamo, but in his contract with Dinamo has a `minimal fee release clause` for amount of 30 mln euros. And, of course, including that clause into contract, Dinamo board never thought somebody should pay that money as well as they never have an intention to sell Danny at all, that`s why they refused 20 mln euros bid (over-estimated bid, of course) for him from Zenit.

But suddenly Zenit agreed to pay 30 mln, and that`s why I don`t believe Danny should move in next few years, at least.

Nobody should pay the same amount for him and Zenit won`t let him leave fro smaller prices. It`s clear as a daylight.

And sooner or later, you should hear rumours with new Russian names like Denisov, Torbinskiy and maybe few others.

About the clear out in Chelsea in summer:

For me it`s simple, when based on a following facts:

Abramovich has watched Russian side under Hiddink at Euro. He has seen what a fast, young, mobile and attacking-minded side can do with a great coach in charge and we were the youngest side on Euro2008, but, of course, not the most talanted one.

Now Hiddink is working at Chelsea, what gives RA an excellent opportunity to talk about Chelsea future, methods of improving the game and players who should be fit for this new methods and for Chelsea.

That`s why I believe Chelsea is taking courses for rejuvenation and I think it`s not about signing Russian players only.

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First of all thank you Sergey and Abramovich for this information.

Great to hear we are after the young talents in Europe and what better place to find them at the moment than Russia. We all saw at the Euro's that they have the players to dominate Europe in few years time.

I think we should really go after Zhirkov as we sorely need a new winger.

For the younger players it would be such a great opportunity to join Chelsea's youth team. Do we even have one young Russian player in our youth ranks? This makes me think the real influence of Roman to our choice of players...maybe he is more interested in our first team.

I bet Hiddink and Arnesen have had a nice chat about the young players in Russia.

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Excellent information guys, really top notch stuff about players I see nothing of, other than the odd European games. Nice one.

Obviously Zhirkov is the big one here thats going to generate the interest in the media, but the one who catches my eye is Dzagoev.

Everything I've found about him sounds hugely positive, his highlight reels show great technique, and a good shot (alongside a fairly shameful dive). I've not seen him in domestic leagues, does he tend to go missing at all? He strikes me as a prototypical new Frank Lampard, he's young, and I don't want to wait a couple of years before pulling the trigger, and paying huge amounts to beat out other clubs. We could even organize a loan deal back to CSKA for another year or two, just to guarantee we don't end up paying £25 million plus...

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pogrebnyak- now that guy I do like.

such a shame he was injured last summer, could have helped russia go even further possibly. his link up with arshavin was great at zenit.

Pavlyuchenko has became the most wasteful striker of the Euro 2008.

Maybe with Pogrebnyak we should have scored more to Greece, Sweden or Netherlands, but anaway, we had no chances against 4-5-1 Spain with Pogrebnyak or without him.

Villa`s injury had transformed 1/2 game for us into a `mission impossible` or, simply, a nightmare.

Fabregas, Senna and Xavi in the middle were (and are) unbeatable, at least, for Russia.

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Anyone who says their favourite player is Frank Lampard and bases his game on him FTW!!

It always struck me as being a little odd that with Roman having such strong ties to the Russian national team, and with them having some real quality players now, how come it's taken so long to show any interest in them?

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but that doesn't even make sense. what does it mean? my head is spinning.

I could post DJT... and say that means "diagonal jam tractor"...

you mean you have never heard of diagonal jam tractor either???

dear o dear :D

for the win just means good, or you'll take that

Gerrard or Lampard? Lampard ftw ---> Lamps is better

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