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Match Fixing


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The president for the team who lost said something about his players just being crestfallen after letting in the third goal.

And the president for the other team said that (about the opponents players) it was all normal because the players knew they couldn't win.

If this isn't match fixing then I don't know what is.

P.S. If it's not then I really hope that all the players are sacked from the team because the way they behaved on the pitch was embarrasing.

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need to take a look at the ref also

Should he have abandoned the match, given what was happening? I think he was put in a tough situation, and assuming that he was not involved in the shenanigans, then I am not sure what would have been the right approach.

Kind of reminds me of what Peru did when they quit against the Argies in the 1978 World Cup Semifinal, thereby keeping Brazil out of the final.

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