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The Season Is Already Over - Frank Leboeuf


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Former Chelsea defender Franck Leboeuf believes that the season is 'already over' for the Blues and that manager Andre Villas-Boas must focus his attentions on rebuilding the squad in order to be competitive next year.

The Stamford Bridge outfit are currently 10 points behind leaders Manchester City in the Premier League, and must get a result against an in-form Valencia side on Tuesday if they are to avoid being knocked out of the Champions League.

“Some players are at the end of the cycle and they really need to get rid of some players to buy new players and start a new generation, a new era,†Leboeuf told TalkSPORT.

“The [Jose] Mourinho era is over and if Villas-Boas wants to be the ‘Special Two’ he has to build a new generation.

“I think the season is already over for Chelsea.

“They have to go into transition this year. They have won the last two games and they still have some hopes but winning the title is going to be very, very hard and they really have to think about the future - and the future is next year.

“They can win the FA Cup but the goal for Chelsea is either winning the Premier League or the Champions League, and I don’t see them winning the Champions League.

“I support Chelsea like crazy, I hope they can do something, but you have to be realistic and I think this season will be a black season.â€

The 43-year-old, who won the World Cup with France in 1998 during his five-year stint as a Chelsea player, believes that more players should follow Nicolas Anelka and Alex, who have both had transfer requests accepted, in leaving the west London club.

When asked which squad members could be cut, Leboeuf suggested: “Maybe [Florent] Malouda, [salomon] Kalou, [Jose] Bosingwa, and [Jon] Obi Mikel.â€

However, he warned against ever losing hold of John Terry and Frank Lampard, arguing that the Blues need an English spine.

“I belonged to a Chelsea team who had 17 different nationalities but our two main guys were Graeme Le Saux and Dennis Wise and we were happy to have some English guys in the team,†the ex-Marseille centre-back continued.

“You have to keep the spirit and for me they are the symbols of Chelsea and England.

“Getting rid of John Terry and Frank Lampard would be a big mistake. They belong to Chelsea forever.â€

Nothing we didnt know already regarding players, but possibly a timely reminder to not expect too much this season?

Who knows


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Oh dear, hopefully Yorkleyblue doesn't read this, he will not be pleased by the negativity :steaming:

Didn't have the bindippers an indifferent league season and an iffy group stage the season they won the CL? Nothing is impossible, Frank, we are Chelsea!

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He doesnt say "we" he says "they" but then he goes on to say he supports us like crazy, and he must have watched us for a while because the players he named to go are spot on really.

I thought he would have gone into management actually.

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Oh dear, hopefully Yorkleyblue doesn't read this, he will not be pleased by the negativity :steaming:

Didn't have the bindippers an indifferent league season and an iffy group stage the season they won the CL? Nothing is impossible, Frank, we are Chelsea!

I prefer Belletti's positivity! :smile:

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Zola, not sure if it was you or just copied from another site, but I think the title is quite misleading! It sounds incredibly negative, like he's attacking Chelsea almost, but in reality he's offering a very reasonable opinion on what he sees as a potential long term positive, and is saying what many people on here are already thinking.

Love Frank LeBouef, loved seeing him at the stadium last month and it was nice to see him outside with lots of fans too, having photos taken etc - Chelsea legend without a doubt

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Aren't we rebuilding already? David Luiz, with all his troubles, still has room to grow and if he gains any consistency he will be a star, give that he's terrible one game great another. Mata, Lukaku, Sturridge, all other great young talent. If we can restock our midfield and find a few more young defenders this team is on the cusp of brilliance again! No need to do a full-scale blow-up in my opinion.

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Not sure where to put this, dont want to open a new thread (leaving that to Davey whatshisface).

Vast majority of our squad have been Chelsea players for about 7 years now, except JT and Lamps who were CR boys through and through.

In those 7 years, we have won 3 PL titles, 3 FA Cups and 2 League Cups. 8 trophies in 7 years is a good run from the current bunch and it IS time to move on. Is this season over? No. If it were all down to me, I'd tell the boys to go out, do their best and achieve as high a standing as possible, get a good FA Cup run and try to get some form going. No lofty expectations. No crumples against top 6 teams either.

Anelka, played well without throwing a strop for the most part, scored some crucial goals and was one of the only good things to come out of the Scolari era.

Drogs, a demon so rightly feared by all and sundry, mind-f**king Senderos so bad he never developed a professional footie career.

Malouda, reason no #14964 why we all love Guus to death.

Kalou, on his day can beat just about any marker with aplomb. Sadly, will then proceed tofluff the simplest of finishes, even on his day.

Mikel, cool and composed on the ball, sadly, cannot run to save his life. No room for slowpokes in the new Chelsea

Essien, I weep for him. In the last 6 years, he has been MY Chelsea midfielder, in real life, in Football Manager, everywhere. But damn his knees, doing a Judas on the man.

Alex, strong and solid at the back with a right foot Roberto Carlos would have been proud of. Again, like Mikel, not the fastest.

The above players have all been worshipped like gods at some point in their Chelsea career. Some still are. But their time has come and gone and should be cleared out.

This is the season we get the new guys playing the way we will be playing for the next 3-5 years. Studge, Mata, Romeu (fingerscrossed), Luiz, Ramires. They are the future.

By the end of his career, Mata will be spoken of by the Blue and white army in the same breath and with the same reverence as Zola

Romeu will be the new Maka. Just gotta keep Barca the f**k away from him.

Studge is already 10X better than Walcott ever will be, possibly (with some footballing brains) gonna be bigger than Rooney. Time will tell.

Ramires and Luis taking up Essien and Terry's places in the squad, Ram (The Ram anyone?) with energy and strength (saw the way he outmuscled that Valencia CB, who was much larger?), while Luis leading the backline with heart and skill.

Lukaku, sadly not seen enough of him so far, but, if FM is anything to go by, he'll turn into a beast in a few years.

I'm not gonna go into who we should and shouldn't buy. That's pointless. I've chosen to speak in the here and now, with a glance to the future.



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Val you are most correct in suggesting that Scouse nearly went out the year they won the CL. In fact it was a stoppage time screamer from Gerrard that kept them in it against Olympiakos. You may remember it, as Andy Gray lost his sh*t entirely.

I think as BlizeH says he makes a reasonable point. We're ten points off City, and aren't in the league of Madrid, Barca and Bayern who will fight out the CL in my view.

I think our attention must be on winning the FA Cup to get AVB a trophy in his first season and ensuring that we finish in the top 4. For me anything beyond that is a bonus.

I agree with his sentiments that more should be heading out the door. His list isn't a bad one either. I have a very deep soft spot for both Kalou and Malouda, but both men appear to have been relegated to the outer so it is perhaps best they follow Mikel and Bosingwa out of the door.

Cahill looks to be a strong possibility of coming in, which is a good buy, as he is English and I am of the firm belief that English players do add something to a team.

As a whole I don't have any real issue with what he has said.

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