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Who's fault? Manager or players?


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It is so easy to blame AVB but our players have looked lethargic, lazy and disinterested.. Mata and Terry (Essien aswell maybe) are the only players who I think look like they care, Torres hardly ever looks interested, Luiz looks often looks like he doesnt know what to do/doesnt care. It just looks like nobody cares. AVB hasn't helped himself but I think the players need to take a lot of the flak at the moment.

Just realised I put who's instead of whose in the title...

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Chicken and egg situation, the manager picks who he thinks will perform to their optimum using the stategies and tactics he supplies. If players then don't perform or obey his gameplan it is up to the manager to use his squad to get the required results. That all sounds easy but managing a group of millionaires many who get paid more than yourself, requires immense man management skills. Ultimatly it comes down to pride by the players to wear the shirt and perfom as a team , the team including all backroom staff.

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Thats true but they have a duty to perform at 100% and I just don't think many players are doing that

Been trying to think of analogies that reflect the balance between management and effort and sum up the problem.

Giving 100% doesn't matter if you're pulling a door that says push.

A badly maintained car will get into problems if you floor it all the time. A well maintained car may not have those problems and may perform perfectly well, even if you're light on the accelerator.

I think both of these are true of AVB

First example: playing Bosingwa, Malouda etc.

Second example can be seen by the way Torres is genuinely scared to take on a shot and at rock bottom confidence. Likewise the hopeless crosses with no one on the end of them and hopelessly organised defence.

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I would say both but ultimatly the balme has to sit with the manager, and im still in the he needs time camp.

Players like bossigwa and Malouda are not up to the job, latly, cole, lamps and merelis are hit and miss. So when the players are out there it is them that are accountable but AVB decides who steps accross the white line. He is also the guy who instructs them how to play.

He has lost his gusto, of that there is no doubt, he dropped players with out a second thought at the beggining of the season, now he has gone back to the players that just dont have it any more. Cahill had a good debut for my money, for me Ivan is the best right back in the league as well. Play Ivan at right back and keep the CB's togther!! its selection errors like this that are not helping his cause. Additionly we should not have sent kakua out on loan. Sturridge has proved how important he was for us this season by loosing form. We dont seem to have a decent goal threat with out him fireing.

The reall problem how ever is that AVB hasnt trully adapted to the situation. He cleaned up at porto but the truth is they didnt look a great defensive unit. They often got exposed at the back, but going forwards they where often irasistable. He's worked out not that the attacking options we have hear arnt consistently good enough in this league, forcing him to change his game plan to one that conceades less, however this doesnt look natrual to him, we look awkward.

To put it simpily, for me it really shows up the difference between AVB and Jose. I believe AVB is and will be a fantastic coach. however think he has a cirtain style of play, philosiphy as most managers do and he needs the players to fit in to this philosiphy. When and if we have this I think he will come in to his own. Jose however is able to adapt the style of play to the players he has, he also a lot more effective and getting players to do things they wouldnt do for other coached.

I despratly want to stick with AVB and im relaxed about this season now, worst thing is dealing with spuds fans to be honest. The truth is we keep changing the managers and we have the same complaints. even in the double winning season we had complaints (me included) blackburn away being a thread that would reveal the rust under the polish. The one thing we need to do is let the manger overhall, if he refuses to do that in the summer its all on him im afraid

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