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I'd just like to say one more thing on the barca v chelsea game...


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I agree. Pep is all class, and I have nothing against him. The others, perhaps you have a point, but JT was the one who kicked Sanchez in the rump, and I don't blame Sanchez for embellishing it.

He's a wee erse! I cannot stand Sanchez, goes down like there is sniper fire raining down on him all the time, and that Joey Barton esk combover :actions1:

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Agree with all of the above.

Regarding Pep, he comes across as amiable, but I can have little respect for a manager who either condones shameful play acting and moaning by a majority of his players, or actively encourages it. Whatever he is, his approach to football, shown by the players on the pitch, is not honest and he deserves as much blame as them.

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