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Hello from Russia


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thanks. I'm glad to be first Russian. :)

I have added my location to the map. I'm the most north member.

Favourite russian team - Spartak Moscow.

I live very far from Moscow, I was one time at a football match.

Gosh! You do live in the far north. Does it get very cold in winter where you live?

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Not very cold?? MINUS 15 or 20? That is what I call freezing!

I have been reading about a Russian punk band called Pussy Riot who are facing jail for having performed a protest gig in a church. Is that covered in Russian newspapers and on Russian TV news, or is it not mentioned?

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pussy riot is hot subject in russian newspapers and tv. Attorney offers to give them 3 years in prison for religious strife. But they disputed the President Vladimir Putin.

it is significant precedent. I don't think that the girls decided on the action independently, they received instructions.

it's my opinion.

it's a complicated political situation in Russia now.

what do you know(think) about it?

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Thanks for letting us know that. I agree that the verdict is severe. At the same time 50 years ago they would have been given a much harsher punsihment, so perhpas we can view that as progress in a way.

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what is in newspapers and tv in your countries about pussyriot?

Putin is represser? The girls are victims?

they have done it in http://en.wikipedia....ist_the_Saviour

it's the MAIN church in Russia. Their actions offend Christians.

they could do it not in cathedral and then there would not be such severe punishment.

Can't say I've read a lot about it here in Sweden, but the articles I've read is mostly in support of them or about people supporting them.

Personally I think that they deserve to be punished. What they did was, unless I'm mistaking, wrong. 2 years seems too much though, but on the other hand I don't know if that is a normal sentence in Russia.

In Sweden they would perhaps get a fine or something, but Russia might be tougher on crime than we are.

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