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Epic video on Chelsea's 09/10 PL Champions side


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When you compare the teams, there is some difference. We've improved in some area's like the wings, but dam we have completely forgot about the others. From Drogba to Torres. Where is this teams Ballack? It's drogba? It's Essien? Where are all those bigt players? Look at who remains, Terry, Lampard, Cech, Cole, all shadows of their former selves. Still quality players but not on the same level. Hardly surprising we're so far behind on previous seasons. 


Compare the squads, recently we've had 4 defenders on the bench, one being a reserve player in Ake. We've played the majority of the season with one striker, there we had two or 3 proper front men. Some ill-advised buying has been the downfall of this club and the constant turnover of managers has left a squad with players who have been shoehorned into positions they're not used to. Ramires the obvious one. He was perfect for the 4-3-3 of AVB but he's not suited to 4-2-3-1. Why do you suppose we're failing to break teams down at the bridge when they're sitting back.


The idiots leading this club must wake up. The whole club needs a clear out of the dead wood, not only the squad but the imbeciles at the top of the board who know absolutely nothing about football. Bruce Buck, an American lawyer, why is he part of our club? Gourlay, the fat twat who said RDM had to go to keep things moving forward, look what Benitez has done? Compare his reign to that of RDM's. An overturn of Napoli, we couldn't come back against Swansea. We beat Barca at the Nou camp, we lost to Qpr at the BRIDGE!


This was meant to be our re-building season, but it's turned out to be a drastic failure, beyond measure and one where we have turned out to be a laughing stock to all. I dread to think of the changes that need to be made in order for us to progress, and I doubts that we will be seriously competing for anything over the next 2 years. We can all but hope someone like Mourinho comes in, because otherwise we are infinitely screwed, and I know for a fact, 99% of all Chelsea fans could not bare another season under Benitez.



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Damo, it's impossible to have a rebuilding season when for the last 2 "rebuilding seasons" we have had 4 managers. RDM was doing a great job for a club in transition and to put it all up in the air by sacking him 3 months into the season was frankly suicidal. All it means is that next year will be yet another dreaded "rebuilding season" where we won't challenge for the league and the pundits can continue to talk about how our power is waning.

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I liked Carlo, acted with a lot of class and did a good job...but he also worked with a very good squad, that was already back on a high after hiddink's fine work...so I can't class him as our best manager - jose still gets the crown as he had the tough task of turning us into winners...carlo's record in the champions league, which I think is a key reason why he was sacked, also left a lot to be desired...would still take him back ina heartbeat over fsw

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The 2009-2010 was a fantastic and very attacking-oriented team, but I still felt that Carlo's squad were prone to a defeat, whereas Jose's team in the first two seasons was invincible, yet Roman wanted more from him. It still angers me how we got rid of both Jose and Carlo.

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