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I don't think it is a bad decision by FIFA - I think it is right that there can be special circumstances in the event where a player is being frozen out by his club and his career put on hold.

Mascherano isn't being given a chance at West Ham and there are many players ahead of him in the pecking order who aren't fit to lace his boots. Whether there is some issue with the terms of the agreement (i.e. extra payments for games played) we don't know but that isn't Mascherano's fault.

Where a player is being given a fair crack but is not getting into the team because of form/attitude/effort then they just have to live with that but where the player is not even being given a chance to play then I think it is right they should be allowed to move on.

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I agree with g4 on both counts. mascherano will be a great signing and tevez's situation is different as he has had a lot more chances than mascherano and will probably get more (and he hasn't expressed a desire to move on)

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Fair enough points Loz, but I have to say, although I agree with you in principle, and this may be the Chelsea paranoia coming through, I somehow doubt the same exception would have been made if we had been trying to sign him.

On the plus side, Stevie G back on the right hand side again then? 8)

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not really, tevez has played a fair bit, mascherano has not.

I suppose I'll have to accept that 'a fair bit' is a good way of describing Tevez's playing time in the Premiership. Anybody know exactly how much that 'fair bit' is to date?

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I feel happy for Mascherano because I feel he deserves to play more and a move to Pool might make hime better.

But at the same time I feel a bit angry because FIFA bends over backwards for Pool. They would never have done it for us. Jealous? Perhaps.

I agree with Loz that exceptions can be made when a player doesn't get to play but at the same time one has to consider if the player doesn't get to play for a reason or not?

Doesn't he get to play because he hasn't been good enough or is it because the manager prefers someone else?

I haven't followed Mascheranos time at West Ham that much so I don't know. All I know is that he got to play some in the beginning and if I'm not mistaking he didn't do too well.

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This post is dedictaed to Dorset's Capacity for Smugness

FIFA are saying that the reason Mascherano was giving special dispensation is because of the different season dates in Brazil (and hence an overlapping season in relation to the dates set out in the law) - this means it has nothing to do with playing time for West Ham and would therefore mean the same dispensation SHOULD be allowed for Tevez.

We shall hear no more on the matter Dorset...pretty please

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What?s that Captain Oates? I could be gone sometime???

icon_lol.gif Oates - The bastion of the English gentry, an English upper class hero with an upper lip so stiff (in more ways than one) you could call it a shoe horn.

You old romantic Dorset!!

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Well that is now 00:25 and there is no confirmation that the Mascherano deal has gone through. I would think it is just a case of the deal not being confirmed to the media yet as what kind of club would go to so much effort, for so long, to then fail to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's?

What's that Mrs Loz? I have a phone call........

It was from an anonymous caller in Dubai.

Apparently the answer to my question is Liverpool.

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From SkySports:

"The Premier League can confirm that, in accordance with its rules, Javier Mascherano's registration documents were received from Liverpool FC prior to the transfer window closing," said a statement from the Premier League.

"While Liverpool have met the required deadline the Premier League board, consistent with its powers in this matter, has decided to take time to satisfy itself with the proposed arrangements before the registration can be effected and the player permitted to play for Liverpool FC.

"The board will consider the terms of the registration as quickly as possible and notify the parties involved of its decision accordingly."


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