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Im thinking of treating myself to a new tv after xmas (in the sales) want a 50 inch LED. Anyone know a rough price I will need to spend to get a good tv?

For a 50 one you would be looking at £699 and upwards just now.

Might come down in sales but the better quality ones will remain around that price I think.

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Thank you for your reply. Does anyone know what to look for when buying a tv? you see all these details by the price tag but they dont mean much to me.

Well you looking for a internet smart TV or you want to go all out for the new 4K types?

Smart TV's are great IMO, I have netflix on mine plus youtube ect.

IS the TV for general use or for gaming? Sony TV's are probably the market leader when gaming

I'm waiting a few years until I plump for 4K though, crazy prices just now.

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Not really that bothered about make just as long as it isnt some make i have never heard of.

I dont really need a smart TV as my computer is hooked up to the TV but most new TV's are smart now days arent they.

I went on the site that Zola suggested and found a nice Sony 50" which they say is top class for £700. Its a bit more than what i was thinking but if i have to pay that then i will. I was hoping to get something good for around the 500 mark.

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Thanks mate, 40" is far too small for me im afraid. It has to be at least 50". Size matters so im told.

No problem.

I bought one that I'm chucking on ebay or the likes. I'll make an easy profit on that one.

I don't go lower than 48 myself, but for the kids room that would be ideal.

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