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  1. Think I'd rather we had gone for that guy Watford have bought. Chalobah is it?
  2. Just seen Di Marzio linking Chelsea to Jonathan Biabiany?! Don't like that one bit. And besides, I'm sure I read a while back that he has a heart condition? (Could have been someone else, but pretty sure it was him.)
  3. Sanchez wants more than Arsenal are willing to offer, Agent leaks story about Chelsea, Arsenal give Sanchez what he wants. The End.
  4. Don't think it was mate. That episode was out a long time before we all heard that Cameron put his dick in a pig. Charlie Brooker must be able to predict the future
  5. Been playing the Dragon Age DLC - The Jaws of Hakkon. Inquisition is easily one of my all time favourites. Sensational game.
  6. I'm going to have to get Skyrim again. Anyone know where it's cheapest?
  7. Quickly losing interest in Westworld... boring last episode.
  8. Neagan is one badass motherf**ker. Great baddy.
  9. I'm not particularly enjoying Fifa this year and I quite liked last years PES demo so I thought I'd try 2017. It's sh*t.
  10. At 1% completion so it should keep me going for a while...
  11. Just an outstanding game. I love doing the bucket list challenges.
  12. It's usually about 4 but it's gone super sh*t recently. All downloaded now though. Love this game so much.
  13. Been trying to download Forza for hours 0.8Mbps. f**k BT.
  14. Ha, I forgot about all the disks. Haven't got mine anymore so just ordered it off ebay.
  15. Lost Odyssey now backwards compatible on Xbone. Massively underrated 360 rpg.
  16. I forgot how fun it is driving supercars through bumpy fields. Loving the demo.
  17. I thought he looked fine. Neat and tidy with a couple of small mishaps. Needs time.
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