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Jamie Carragher the best defender in the world

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But he is.

Just like Liverpool have the best fans in the world.

I think we should just pull out of the Champions League this year - its clearly going to be won by Liverpool.

What a team they are.

I wish Chelsea would lose 2 games in a row at home missing chance after chance after chance but get the sort of plaudits that bunch currently are (a lot of which are coming from themselves)

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Did anyone lisyen to talk sport on tuesday night

The twat lawrensen having turned up his scouse accent a couple of clicks turned the whole programme into a liverfool w**k - it was hilarious

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Don't get me started on Liverpool's fans.

I had a Scozzie- an Australian-wannabe-Scouser- try and tell me how Liverpool had the greatest fan culture in the world. For example, the whole of Anfield was decked out in red unlike other teams.

Note to Kop: It's England, no one gives a f**k about your wannabe ultras culture.

According to that piece of tripe known as the Kop Charter, Liverpool claim to be at the forefront of fan culture, especially in the use of banners/flags/tifos.

Note to Kop: The Italians and Eastern Europeans have being doing it since time before you were a mere sperm in daddy's testicle.

You're right bjd. The amount of self-gratification that seems to appear from Liverpool is unbelievable.

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Liverpool claim to be at the forefront of fan culture

Just ask ambulance drivers about Scouse fan culture.

Or perhaps the Man Utd fans who had sh*te thrown over them.

You have no idea just how much i want to play and beat them in the Champions League.

Liverpool are great club. Maybe Englands greatest. However the fans are simply obnoxious historians who quite simply believe they are the best and will not listen to a word otherwise.

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Jamie Carragher the best defender in the world
...so says Steven Gerrard MBE:

There must be some mistake! Carjacker ain't even the best defender in Liverpool

This REALLY should be in the Jokes section.

Loz - sort it fella!


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Comments like that dont surprise me really , they beat an underachieving Barca side that the media have hyped up , are not as good as they are made out to be and all of a sudden theres a Scouse LOVE IN .

Carjacker is a good defender , but because he gets a few important challenges in all of a sudden hes f***en Bobby Moore ????

Gerrard needs to learn when and when not to speak , the words ''Carried away spring to mind .

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