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Man City - Quadruple?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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It will be interesting to see what Man U fans think about next week's game when they are at home to City. Beating City would probably stop them winning the auadruple (although they could also lose in the CL and even the FA Cup). A quadruple for City would better United's treble in 1999. Would the United fans be able to cope with that? And at the same time, United need to win if they want to enhance their chances of qualifying for next season's CL. Of course, a victory for United would probably hand the title to the Scousers. Could the Man U fans  -like a lot of fans of other clubs - live with that? The dilemmas of being a football fan.

I don't have a problem with City winning the title - far better they win it than the bin dippers - but am indifferent about them winning the quadruple. A couple I know are ST holders at City and I suspect that if their team does win the quadruple they will be drunk for a very long time.

I think the Liverpool winning the title would be insufferable. Probably the only team I despise more than the bin dippers is the lot who play in green and white hoops and are based in the East End of Glasgow. I find it difficult to type their name!

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