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A ginger Chelsea XI


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With the signing of Steve Sidwell, we can almost name an entire Chelsea XI of redheads. I'm struggling for three:

1. Roger Freestone

2. Gareth Hall


4. Steve Sidwell

5. Erland Johnsen


7.David Hopkin

8. Duncan Shearer

9. David Speedie

10. Ray Lewington


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Guest Brian M
As someone once said, 'surely this is the unaccepatble face of the beautiful game'...

I see you, and raise you:


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I was definitely not making the ginger = sh!t connection (although the evidence of the right back is pretty overwhelming IMO).

I don't think Fleck can be classed as ginger. As for Steve Livingstone I have no idea. I'll try and find evidence.


Yes, he qualifies, but can't break into the forward line of Speedie, Shearer and Hopkin

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Livingstone was a joke.

I think he played one game for us.

We swapped him for Le Saux and then sold him the next season for about 100k and not so long later we re-signed Le Saux for 5 million.


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Interesting article HERE on socially accepted prejudices - Gingerism, Scousism, Teetotalism, Single Parentism and Singletonism.

What shocked me about this is that a ginger haired family in Newcastle were actually forced to move home no less than three times because the local Geordie halfwits objected to their hair colour.

Unbelievable but true.

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