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Band called the Editors on Jools Holland tonight


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Now I totally accept that I am way out of the scene when it comes to current music so it comes as no great surprise to me that I have never heard of them and I am fully expecting people to tell me that they are already pretty big and that I must have my head in the sand.

However, ignoring all of that, my point is that I liked them a lot and was wondering if anyone else either knows of them or has any of their material. The lead singer sort of reminds meof a cross between Ian Curtis, Stuart Staples and David Gedge and as far as I am concerned that is enough to qualify as great!

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I've just heard two songs by them. Blood and some new song they've made. They're quite good. Not really my kind of music though.

As for the lead singer sounding like a cross between Ian Curtis, Stuart Staples and David Gedge. I have no idea who those blokes are but you might be right icon_confused.gif

Wierd voice though. Unique, in a good way. icon_wink.gif

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Jools Holland is the only music show I make sure I watch - I have to say that Paul mcCartney's first song (can't remember what it was called) just proves that you can get to a pointin music when you can churn out any old sh*te and people will still take you its good. A definite case of Emperor's new Clothes.

Mod - maybe because you know I will listen to any music which would drive most other people to cut their wrists icon_wink.gif

HSK - He had a stunning voice - always refreshing to hear a band that is vocal lead.

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Well. Reading through this thread, I've heard of Paul McCartney, and I've heard of Ian Curtis - I've still got a couple of Joy Division orignal vinyl releases. Unfortunately I've not only heard of but I've also heard Bjork. Apart from that I'm lost.

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Stuart Staples - lead singer of a band called 'The Tindersticks' and also has a couple of solo albums - The Tindersticks, for me, are the finest band in existence just now (although their existence is in some doubt)

Tindersticks - City Sickness


Tindersticks - Travelling Light


Stuart Staples - That Leaving Feeling (Mini Loz loves this video for reasons that will probably be obvious - remember he is only 3)

David Gedge - Lead singer of the Wedding Present - Thw Wedding Present were a fabulous band, in particular the George Best album but also may other great albums as well.

The Wedding Present - Brassneck


The Wedding Present - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft (live)


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Ah the Wedding Present, I've actually got 3 or 4 of their albums (including George Best Plus), mp3'd from an old eMusic subscription. Got some Cinerama too somewhere. There you go, I knew a little bit more than I knew I knew.

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technically, they're actually called Editors (no 'the').

Pretty good band, with a few top tunes -see 'Munich,' 'All Sparks' and 'Blood' from their first album and the new single, which is what i'm guessing they played on Jools Holland..

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I am not going as far as saying what I head was on a par with 'Unknown Pleasures' but then again I only think the two styles are marginally comparable - Ian Curtis has probably just about been dead long enough for there to be space for someone to squeeze their head in icon_wink.gif

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