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Player most excited to see next season


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John Obi Mikel for me. Especially with the lack of big name signings till now and with his displays in the second half of the season I think Mikel will cement his place in the first team this season. Has been said many times already but the boy oozes class when he is on the ball and with some tactical discipline instilled in him by Maka and JM he, I think, will become versatile enough to play anywhere in midfield.

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Guest Brian M

Mik and Essien, because I think they're going to own the midfield come Christmas. And Malouda, because it seems an age since we had a winger who knew how to cross! icon_wink.gif



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Sounds dull I know but for me it is Maka, even moreso this season as it will probably be his last. It is very rare that you get to see a total master of his craft in action - we have been blessed to see Maka close up.

Of the mroe attacking players I am praying that we see a great season from Robben, that would be something to get very excited about.

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an improved second season from ballack- hopefully he gets some pre season in, and then gets the games.

and of course, robben, joe cole back to form and fitness would be good, maka, and I'd love to see paulo get the games he deserves- and to be used at rightback!

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ferreira and johnson and how Jm deals with having two right defenders he has had doubts with previously- i pray we don't see diarra or essien there...

Lampard after a rest, shevchenko if he can get his type of service and as always the imperative Mikel in the midfield...

more than anything i'm looking forward to seeing a stable and balanced 11 and core squad of 15 or so as JM does well..

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I guess we are all anticipating seeing Joey Cole back for a full season, adn I hope we see him play, a LOT!!! I am also intrigued to see how ballack and sheva will cope, and if Jose will even play sheva that much. It will be good to see them after a full season settled int.

I am excited mainly about Kalou and Mikel, as they are young adn the future of our club. The bison is just awesome, so can't wait to see him. I also hope to see Terry after nailnig down a solid contract!!!

As for our new signings, Malouda will be great to see, and how we will utilize him, and I look for PIzza to make a good impression when the man mountain DD is of for the ACN

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Most looking forward to seeing Malouda - already very impressed with his English, his attitude and the twinkle in his eye, like he knows he's made the right move....or is it just that he's so confident in his own ability. I think it's both - first impression is that the guy is going to be shi-tot, as they say!

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I cant wait to see the monster that is Essien, play in midfield, every. single. week.

That will be a joy to watch.


Of the existing players - Essien and Mikel.

Essien is already on his way for me to proving that he will become very shortly one of the world's best players.

And Mikel because I think Jose has managed him well to date and if he maintains his discipline and gets regular football (and pray god he doesn't sit on the bench that would be a crime) we will see him shortly develop into a fantastic player.

Forget the likes of Gerrard and Mascherano/Hargreaves et al for me next year it's all about the continuing development of Essien and Mikel.

And of the new signings - Malouda - I have good vibes about this guy and it's not just because he's big pals with Drogba and I would also like Sidwell to have a good run and prove himself - he really seems to want to be given chance just to show Jose what he can do. I don't think he just wants to sit on the bench and take home his cash at the end of the week.

I hope he gets the chance to do something.

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