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Which Chelsea Manager Had / Has the Best Eye for Talent?

Guest Brian M
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Which Chelsea Manager Had / Has the Best Eye for Talent?  

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*cough*Enrique DeLucas!*cough (sp?)

*cough*Joe Cole!*cough

*cough* Juan Sebastian Veron*cough* (quiet G4 icon_wink.gif *

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Got to agree Brian, yet if you had included the Doc he would have taken it for me.

The Doc and Johnny Neal both made numerous excellent signings.

Sexton signed the likes of Ian Hutchinson, Dave Webb, John Dempsey, Paddy Mulligan & Keith Weller - but on the down side he also signed Alan Birchenall & Steve Kember, and sold Osgood, Hudson, Cooke, Tambling, and Weller.

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PS: nice to see more mature Gestapo tactics changing people's profile information without their say-so. This sort of sh*t never happened when PR was running things. And that was 10 years, folks. TEN YEARS.

It mightn't have happened to you Brian but it happened alright. In my opinion you're getting off extremely lightly.

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you'll lose this tedious cough fest qaz. he signed more good players than bad. so why waste your time?

You can afford to sign good players when you spend the most money, the best infact.

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[What a f*cking load of bollox. What is this? High School? The military? North Korea? It's a God damn football internet forum where people throw sh*t around and have a laugh. You won't like everything you read. You won't hate everything you read. But then again, nobody's forcing you read everything, now are they?

Got off lightly my f*cking arse!

Well Brian if you didn't think there was anything wrong with your post you wouldn't have denied writing it I suppose. Anyhow it's history now. No casualties except my opinion of you which I suspect matters not.

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is it hard for you to accept rainieri has left the chelsea side with a lot?

When did I suggest otherwise?.........

biggrin.gif ... nowhere... except for your constant retorts listing his transfer his mistakes!

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Gullit for me. He signed Vialli, Zola, Di Matteo, Leboeuf, Flo, Poyet, De Goey, Le Saux. Basically, the backbone of Vialli's team. We should

Even the likes of Danny Granville, Grodas and Lambourde weren't bad.

Re Ranieri. I'm pretty sure Gallas was on our shopping list before Ranieri arrived, but he still deserves credit.

Re the Doc. There's some interesting parallels in our history here. Three managers put together great sides, but it was their successor who benefitted most.

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