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Chelsea Pictures - Artified.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Admit I saw this done on RedCafe (great place to go when the Mancs drop points icon_wink.gif ), but I liked the style so much that I thought I'd have a go with some Chelsea pictures. Mine aren't as good as the ones the guy on there has done, but I thought I'd show the 3 I've done off anyway:

Lamps vs. Bolton


Crespo vs. Scousers


Lamps vs. Everton (I think)


As I said, I just like the effect of the blue kit against everything else grey scale.

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Some more.. made the blue more pronounced in these ones, although I have clearly covered outside the lines in parts of them icon_rolleyes.gif

Drogba vs. Arsenal CC final


On the 7th day, God did not rest, he bought him to Stamford Bridge


Frank tells Lemon to watch it


And Sheva feels the love icon_cool.gif


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Gem there is a famous photo of King Kerry at the Library, (celebrating after he had scored one of the best goals I have ever seen. Left foot shot saved by Pat Jennings, right foot volley straight back past him!!!!), on our return to the old first division the first day of the season, in 84/85. I was there that awesome day and it will forever be one of my most cherished Chelsea memories.

He is about three foot off the ground with both hands above his head, and beyond him, in the Arsenal seats, you can see loads of Chelsea fans celebrating right in the middle of all the gooners.


BJD or Bluebeard will probably be able to show you the picture I mean. I think BJD actually used to have a grainy old clip of the goal itself. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

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If you can find the picture (I've just had a quick look, can't see it) then I'll happily do it for you just.

Few more... more memorable ones though, Joey out skilling (technical term) 3 Mancs and two great European Nights icon_wink.gif



This ones a bit big, so I've only posted the link, great size for a wallpaper icon_wink.gif


I still get goosebumps over this goal... like the majority (if not all of us) on here, at Highbury, in the world, I didn't think we'd win that night. Even when Lamps got on the end of a Maka rebound to make it 1-1 I never thought we'd beat them. We just didn't beat Arsenal then. Wayne's goal the turning point and the power shift changed icon_cool.gif



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