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anyone use pandora...it builds music stations to suit the names of your favourite artists.

Basically, it will ask you to name a band...say Cream. Then it will run a synopsis of what cream are all about (heavy distoriont, harminizing melodies, and heavy blues) then it will make a radio station for you with artists who are similar in their style.

If they recomend a song you don't like, you can click on the "thumbs down" icon and it will skip that song and find others more suited that you can then give the "thumbs up" to.

Pretty decent, infact, I am listening to my CCR station right now!

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Pandora is great. I had been using it for some time, but now it's only accessible for the residents of the USA. icon_confused.gif

really??? what a bummer, it was a mate of mine from SCotland who turned me on to it....sorry if I rubbed this in your face, it was not ym intention. I guess I am becoming Americanized; oblivious to the world outside of the US

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I think you can use Pandora anywhere but you just need to register using a US postcode (doesn't have to be yours...my mate used the Microsoft HQ's!)

I have an account there set up with some googled postcode icon_lol.gif but now they check IP so I only get a message saying they are sorry but they had to restrict access.

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When I'm working at home I use http://www.live365.com - excellent range of musical genres.

I particularly like Zionradio.com, sensimillia sounds, Blue Icewater Blues, Bandit Blues and theESTROGENzone.

I used to listen to "Dark Side of the Radio" a lot but then that became a premium members only station and I'm arsed if I'm going to pay

Lofty, BB and Mike might like to check out some of these


Ultragroove Live

The New SUNSET Radio

The Motown Show



Sloppy Joe's Stank Funk


scooter-forums radio

Right now I'm listening to Denis Alcapone on Zion Radio


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