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Champions League Draw at 1100 GMT today

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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If there is a God (and there isn't - oh come on he is supposed to have made man in the image of himself, have you looked at Jamie Carragher recently? No God is going to admit to that) then he will give me the perfect 50th birthday present and draw us against Celtic so I can get to the match up here.

So there you have it - if we draw Celtic there is a God, if we don't there isn't. Now enough bickering at the back you damn atheists.

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So it is official, there is no God - if you would all like to hand in your bibles / Pali Canons / Sutras / Srutis / Korans / Tao Te Chings / to your local Council who are to recycle them all and build a rollercoaster out of the pulp!

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